03/21/2012 09:20 pm ET Updated May 21, 2012

Hot From the Horse's Mouth: Is This What We're Really Thinking About?

De Niro responds to Newt Gingrich's Response to De Niro's Words

Ann Coulter Defends De Niro Remark.

These are typical headlines, the breaking news of our day. In this case, the question is: how many days will this non-story feed the media?

Apparently, Robert De Niro, at a New York fundraising event for Obama, made a sardonic quip about whether the country was ready for a white First Lady.

The first lady, or her promotional representatives, has decried De Niro's comment for being "inappropriate."

There are two blazing issues here.

First, the awful truth is that we are not post-racial in this country.

We cannot even deign to bring up the fact, either straight-up or in an obviously pro-black witticism, that our president is half-black without either appearing racist or inappropriate.

If there is nothing wrong with our differences and those who are black are simply black, then why the outrageous De Niro call-out, not only from Gingrich, but also from the first lady?

Second, is this the "news" that we need to be dwelling on? How does this help us? And hey, isn't something more urgent happening in Iran and Israel at this moment?

Personal swipes between politicians and newscasters are everywhere in the headlines.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell potentially doesn't need a public relations alliance as long as he announces a red-hot opinion about what someone public has said that day. It promises him a headline and coverage in the "news." O'Donnell may interest people and his interpretations may be entertaining, but is this news?

Whether this is real news or not, this is what the media is serving. Hot from the horse's mouth.