12/16/2014 01:43 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2015

The Christmas Miracle

Through the years we often hear of Christmas miracles. For some, there is only one -- the birth of Christ. For others there are stories of wonderful happenings, miraculous blessings, and serendipitous events, all culminating into spiritual awakenings.

Does anyone really know what happened that night as two young people made their way to Bethlehem? Did you ever wonder what the exact conversation between Mary and Joseph was as they ventured out without a plan, just knowing they needed to get out of Jerusalem? Were they scared, angry, or just believing in a higher power to get them where they needed to be?

The way the story goes is that Mary didn't have much to say about it. So was the way for women back in the day. We have come a long way since the birth of Christ. We are educated, able to voice our opinions, and of course the right to vote was a big win. What would the conversation be if that same event happened today? I've imagined it going something like this:

Joseph: Mary, jump up on that donkey so we can get as far away from here as possible, those people are crazy!

Mary: Joe, really? The donkey... I'm nine months pregnant and have just about had it with you and this political stuff.

Joseph: C'mon, I promise this will all work out in the end. We gotta get out of here.

Mary: If you kept that carpenter job, we might not need to flee right now, I'm ready to give birth any minute. Just like you Joe, to wait for the last minute for everything. My mother was right... you were always a dreamer with no real plan.

Joseph couldn't help but feel a little doubtful, hoping this would be one of his better ideas. Mary feeling slightly guilty about her harsh words, softens as she looks at him lovingly.

Mary: But you're such a good kisser! C'mon, kiss me like you mean it.

Joseph: You want to do this now? Really?!

Joe, knowing he doesn't have much time, hustles her on to the donkey and away they go. After a while, voila, they arrive in Bethlehem. Mary, asleep on the donkey.

Joseph: Mary, wake up, we're here.

Mary: Holy good God, my back is killing me.

Joseph: Stay right there, I'll go get us a room.

Some time passes and Joe doesn't seem to be exiting the Inn. Of course not, he doesn't know how he's going tell Mary there aren't any rooms left.

Mary: Where the heck is he? Oh no... my water just broke.

Joseph exits the inn, walking very slowly.

Mary: Joe, hurry up. I'm in labor... awh... !!!

Joe: Hey Mary...

Mary: We gotta go to the room now. The baby is coming!

Joe: Yea, see... that's just the thing.

Mary feels a strong contraction and doubles over. She takes a breath.

Mary: What's the thing?

Joe: No more rooms at the Inn.

Mary: What?! You didn't call ahead?! Are you kidding me?!! I'm delivering the savior of the world and you didn't call ahead?!!!!

Joe pulls Mary off the donkey, looking around he spots a barn. Realizing there's no other choice, he whisks her into the barn. Lying her down on a pile of hay, he looks into her eyes.

Joseph: Big mistake, I know...

And in spite of it all... a child is born.

Moral of the story: Choose your words wisely ladies and know that sometimes there just aren't any words that can improve a bad situation. However, often times, it's those bad situations that turn into... miracles.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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