02/12/2015 10:17 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2015

What Is Love?

Tom Merton via Getty Images

Love, love, love.

Of all the emotions and expressions thereof, love is the most elusive. Some would say it's a feeling. Others would say it's an action. Though no two definitions are congruent, it remains the most essential component of life itself.

We all know it when we feel it, but we can't precisely define it with mere words. Its power transcends any verbal attempt to describe its essence. That in itself is a clue to what love really is.

The fact that love cannot be conclusively described is reminiscent of the Divine. We believe in It though we can't see It. We call It by a variety of names depending upon experience and preference. It would stand to reason that an inability to describe the Source would result in the same when attempting to describe Its progeny.

Like its Divine origin, we inadequately describe around the concept of love. Our definitions remain never-ending because words are simply insufficient.

Crudely stated, love is an extension of the Divine.

Love is the life force that was placed within each one of us as we entered this sacred journey. It is the fuel that powers our spirits and compels us to manifest our highest levels of being. It is the promise of who we really are at our cores. When we experience that depth of fulfillment within ourselves, that is self-love.

More often that not, when society refers to love, it does so in the context of relationships with others. We talk of romantic love, a mother's love, or love amongst families and friends (four-legged ones, included).

When we experience love with another, that is the Divine in self recognizing the Divine in another. It is our truest self reflected in another physical entity. We call this merging of life force a connection.

We long for this feeling of connection. This intangible energy binding us together is fuel for our life journeys. Connection opens up a sacred channel. We feel inspired. We feel empowered. We feel unstoppable in the energy of connection. It enables us to see ourselves in a different light -- a pure light.

We sometimes chase this experience in the wrong places. We know the feeling serves us well but we search for it externally and find feeble imitations. We forget that authentic love cannot be replicated.

In its absence we feel no less than alienated. In its absence we do things of which we're ashamed. In its absence we forget who we really are.

But we must remember that a lack of love is merely an illusion. We are never further from it than the walls we have built around ourselves. We think we protect ourselves from feeling the hurt that others can inflict, but these walls dim our own Divinity from our own eyes.

The moment we feel that love has left us is the moment we must realize we have left ourselves. It is time for a journey inwards to reclaim the gift that is held deeply within.

We may try to make distinctions amongst the various "types of love" but in reality, there is no difference. Our expressions may differ according to context, but love is all really the same.

It is Divinity recognizing Divinity and joyfully folding into itself.

The pursuit of love is unnecessary because it is already inside each and every one of us. Life experiences are meant to underscore our underlying nature. Our external relationships are a reminder of what is already there. A phenomenal sunset resonates because it awakens our internal flame. A favorite song strikes a chord with our innate celestial vibration.

See, it's ALL love.

We are tethered to our Source, to each other, and to nature by love. It is the language of universal and cosmic communication. It is our fundamental element. Love is our air. It surrounds us if we are aware enough to receive it and gratefully breathe it in. Love is inescapable and why would we ever try?

We may not be able to accurately qualify it with words but that doesn't matter. What is important is that we remain open vessels, receptive to its infinite supply. Even more important, we must share the abundance that resides within. It can only lead to an exponential growth of the reservoir of love already existing.

Perhaps this elusive thing called love, isn't so elusive after all. It is the one thing that never truly leaves.

Originally published in Aspire Magazine.