02/29/2016 03:17 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2017

Teflon Trump

Gosh I wish my teflon pans worked as well as Trump's wisecracks. For thirty years Trump has been using the law to benefit himself and hurt others. And then there are four bankruptcies, which means that he goes to court to say I can't pay my bills, the court then says "OK pay X% on each dollar"with certain protected parties (usually the big debtors like banks) getting first dibs on the money, which means by the time it has run out some people get nothing. It also means that the contractor Trump hired doesn't have the money to pay the electricians, carpenters, and bricklayers he hired. In other words he has made great deals at the expense of the proverbial little guy (the "uneducated" whom Trump now claims to love) who actually has the knowledge to do the work so Trump can make more deals and pile up more billions.You've got to admit, that's a good deal. Trump mitigates his risk off the backs of others.

Trump benefits in a different way from guest workers for his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago Club. He hires guest workers, gets cheap labor, and doesn't have to pay benefits.Sure it limits job openings for qualified Floridians, but it benefits him. That guy does indeed know the art of the deal! Despite his anti-immigrant rhetoric, he welcomes guest workers IF he can exploit them. American workers might actually ask for fair pay with benefits--imagine that! And of course two of his three wives were immigrants themselves!

According to, in 1970 the Justice Department sued Trump because of his refusal to rent units to minorities. We haven't heard much about this. How does he do it? I mean how does he get away with keeping this lawsuit quiet?

He has consistently bashed immigrants and even tried to humiliate Jorge Ramos the Hispanic TV anchor. He also insults women, panning Megyn Kelly of Fox news, disparaging Carly Fiorina's looks, and ridiculing Hillary Clinton for taking a bathroom break during one of their debates. This is the kind of behavior that would get any of us fired from our jobs. Why can he get away with it? Is he saying what others are thinking?

To be fair, he is an equal opportunity insulter. He implied that Senator McCain was not a war hero but a loser because he was captured. Donald chose a better deal. He dodged the draft. The guy can get away with anything.

But his best deal of all may have been his Trump University, charge students to learn not much and then make them pay exorbitant additional fees to learn not much more! He is not above selling fraudulent services to unsuspecting customers. Is that what he is doing to the electorate?

Who knows what other deals he has made with rules that assure he is the winner. They keep coming out

I wonder how all his deal making will play on the international stage.

Will America be great again if we default on our debt, declare bankruptcy?

Will America be great again if we trash all our allies as opportunists trying to slip through our borders?

Will America be great again if Trump insults every leader he meets?

Will America be great again if each one of us scoffs at the rules the way he has?

I have my doubts, but I do know that Hillary would benefit from some of Trump's teflon. She can't get a break.