09/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Health Care Reform: Management or Leadership, America? You Pick.

I wasn't going to weigh in on the healthcare reform debate. Truthfully, the debate seems particularly pointless to me because I don't think there is a real debate. Fifty million citizens in this blessed country of ours do not have health insurance--isn't that a no-brainer?

I wish it were, but it would seem that it's not, not if I pay attention to the middle school playground antics of the insurance companies, the various medical associations, the pharmaceutical industry, the lobbyists, the politicians, and don't forget the pundits. Unfortunately, it looks from here like none of this is a no-brainer. Let me assure you ... it is a no-brainer and it was a no-brainer in middle school as well.

Peter Drucker, biz wiz, wrote many years ago that "management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Herein lies the crux of the healthcare reform issue.

Management, in this case, the status quo, wants to keep the status quo in place. Why not? The status quo is always fine with the status quo. That's why it is the status quo.

Insurance companies are rolling in dough. Doctors aren't doing too shabbily. The lobbyists earn their fantastical keep. Don't get me started on big pharma. Politicians appear to be representing their constituents. The pundits, oh yes, those middle school bullies and their victims, are cranking out clap-trap for everyone's playground entertainment. Why shouldn't they want things to stay the same?

President Obama and team are staging an all-out effort to be leaders. Real, live, bona fide leaders. According to Drucker, leaders do the right things. Why aren't we letting Obama be Obama? We elected him. We wanted the change he stood for, and we're miring him in seventh grade playground politics in the most hideous way. Why aren't we letting Team Obama do the right things?

Here's the no-brainer part of it all. The system has an economic cancer, and like the physiological behaviors of cancer cells in the human body, it is already out of control. The usual Western remedies for cancer are surgery and chemotherapy/radiation. We need to cut out the disease in our healthcare system, and then apply liberal treatment protocols to follow-up. The system has to be healed because it's diseased. It's that simple.

I love my country, dear one, don't get me wrong, but I didn't like playground politics in middle school, and at over 50 now, I like them even less.

Everyone knows that a good idea is always thought foolhardy initially. Hillary took the foolhardy hit on healthcare; bless her. Obama is valiantly attempting to lead, people! Let's let him off the playground and into the world of healthcare for all.

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