07/28/2013 12:26 pm ET Updated Sep 27, 2013

Colin Quinn's Keynote Address From ComedyPro at Just For Laughs (Audio)

While veteran comedian Colin Quinn isn't necessarily known for being the most refined of public speakers, the man knows how to reach his audience. And he did exactly that on July 25, when he delivered the Keynote Address during the ComedyPro conference at Just For Laughs in Montreal. Titled Loners in Unity, the speech was designed to do two things. First and most importantly, Quinn sought to empower artists in the audience. And second, the former host of Tough Crowd took time to call out the industry -- producers, agents, managers et al -- for their questionable practices, one of which was the cancellation of Tough Crowd. But to enjoy the full meaning of Quinn's words, you really have to hear him. So, enjoy the full, unedited audio of Quinn's address.

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