Newsweeklies Go God In Pre-Election Issues

newsweek's personal jesus.JPG oh Time, you're so balanced.jpgInteresting coincidence: Both Time and Newsweek take the religion tack in their pre-election issues with two stark (and actually quite aesthetically appealing) covers invoking the question of religious dominance in America today.

The hand of new Newsweek editor Jon Meacham is detectable in this week's big evangelical package (cue Ted Haggard joke here). Speaking of Haggard, It's interesting to note that the cover references three of the stories included in the six-part package including the cover headline "Sex vs. Social Justice: Evangelicals At The Crossroads", but fails to mention the Haggard, totally-relevant newspeg that he is, despite having a big piece on the story inside. As for Time, well, presenting "God" and "Science" as equal participants in a "debate" is confers a sort of troubling level of legitimacy on the whole "Intelligent Design" movement by implying that there are two sides of equal merit here. There are two schools of thought and two perspectives, but a religious belief system has nothing to do with scientific theories based on specific, quantifiable data.

Time does get points for acknowledging the imbroglio to come with "Election Day: Get Ready For The Glitches" which acknowledges how woefully unprepared the states are for an election day that they knew was coming and had plenty of time to prepare for. For urgency, national importance and election-day relevance, we wish that this had been Time's cover choice.