01/12/2007 09:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Another LonelyGirl? "Box In A Box" Star Actually A Whole Bunch Of People

As mentioned in our earlier item, viral internet sensation "Box In A Box," the ladies' answer to SNL's "Dick In A Box " has been the subject of intense curiosity about the identity of the girl in the video, the mysterious "Bunny" as identified on the "My Box In A Box" website. Someone emailed her photo to IvyGate identifying her as Penn sophomore Melissa Lamb; and in a comment to that post dated today at 3:49 pm, someone else identified the actual singer as a different girl, one Leah Kauffman, a Temple University Junior and local Philly musician ( They were half right; that is to say, they ID'd half of the four-person team behind the "Box In A Box" sensation.

Yes, just like LonelyGirl15, Bunny and her box was actually the creation of a group of people looking to maximize their appeal on the Internet; in fact, the blog-voice of "Bunny" and the brain behind the box, as it were, is a dude: Ben from New York, who had been planning a collaboration with Leah before the two hit on the DIAB response. One Craigslist ad later, and they had their Bunny (or, in this case, a Lamb). Throw in their producer buddy, Rick Frederick, who co-wrote the song, and an internet phenomenon was born.

2 million YouTube plays, a TV spot and a few half-hearted CafePress items later, it's time for phase two of the rollout: The Reveal. Olbermann, who ran the TV debut of the vid on Monday, gets the honors this eve, once again running his favorite part ("It's a beeeaaaaver!") plus lots of college-aged cleavage shots while introducing Bunny, or Bunnies: Melissa and Leah, via satellite from London, where she's going to school and where she'd returned shortly after recording the song (we don't have the video yet, but she's super cute as well). Funnily, though Olbermann demurred from saying the word "dick" on air, Leah didn't think twice about saying "Dick in a box" and Melissa, who brought the actual box with her (it's famous!), announced that they'd put it up for auction on eBay because they'd had "so many request from fans that...they wanted my box!" Both ladies seemed proud of their contribution to the modern musical, video and Internet canon ("Soldiers in Iraq contact us to tell us how much they love it") and Leah is hopeful of recording further satirical songs (and maybe something with Justin if he's interested). Melissa, meanwhile, announced that she has a boyfriend; too bad for all the guys inquiring by email if her box is just for them, too (those requests actually come to both Melissa and Ben, who co-write the blog and both respond to email; so if you thought your love letter was private, think again. But also, if you thought the latest viral sensation would date you on the strength of a random email, think again).

So that's it for the Box in a Box story....or is it? A fan-vid remix is slated for release shortly with a brand-new remix of the song, and who knows what the Box team has planned. Only time will tell, of course, whether this phenomenon has legs in addition to other body parts, and whether the fans will still love Bunny's box now that they know its shared between a bunch of people, two of which are dudes. That's not the point; the point is, there are five steps. Dammit, women just need more.

Update: This post has been edited to reflect that both Melissa and Ben write the blog and respond to emails; we originally reported that only Ben did so. ETP regrets the error, but stands by our assessment that Ben writes kinda girly.