03/22/2007 12:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ze Frank: Ze Farewell

We're a little late to this, but it's worth noting: Ze Frank completed his year-long run of "The Show" on Saturday, March 17th, with a final episode that was actually pretty moving, or else he's a pretty good actor. The Show had an enthusiastic and tight-knit community of fans and watchers, and Frank played with the possibilities of group think and action throughout the year. On his website, he enumerates some of The Show's top accomplishments: "Creating the first earth sandwich, winning a month-long game of fabuloso chess, and dressing up hundreds of vacuum cleaners" — not to mentioni a full "community-created wiki." Somewhere on the site, there is also a picture of him in a t-shirt with no pants. Also, he has blue, blue eyes. Fare Ze Well, Ze!

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