04/26/2007 08:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Need To Know: 04.26.07, Try To Get Along Edition

    Bold-faced finger pointing: The furor over Gail Shister's take-down of Katie Couric has not calmed down. Fox News' Roger Friedman suggests all the bashing is coming from the inside, specifically Bob Schieffer and Leslie Stahl. [TVNewser]

    "McCain is easier to get access to than a Hong Kong hooker."
    Even so, Howard Kurtz suggests John McCain's media love-fest is waning. Might it be that whole pesky Iraq thing, or merely the fact the campaign didn't provide lunch? [WaPo]

  • Maybe the sky is falling a little bit: New numbers released today report that newspaper circulation has dropped 2.5% in the last six months. [E&P]

  • Look who's talking, or not: Howard Dean says the best way to know what politicians really think is to exclude the media from covering them. Wait, isn't that the White House's theory, too? [AP]

  • All we need is love: and if the FCC has anything to do about it, less violence on television. Still no word yet on whether proposed restrictions will include news reports from Iraq. [NYT}

  • Oh Charlie, you're so fine: is the latest website to get a face lift this week. The site has just re-launched in beta, and now offers an online archive of all Charlie Rose episodes dating back to the 1994-95 season. We know, people think he's a little pompous and he interrupts a LOT, but we leurve him. [CharlieRose]

  • A little less Rosie for ABC: Rosie O'Donnell's sudden departure from ABC's The View may threaten the daytime gabfest's ratings gains. Here's an idea, Rosie and Katie should do a little switcheroo: Katie back in the morning where she's liked and Rosie, well, we're pretty sure she could take Schieffer and Stahl no problem. [LAT]

  • You say potatoe, I say Irak: Meet the press. [TVNewser]