03/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Recession Recipe: Corn Bean Salad! (Video)

Hello, HuffPost Economy Bites fans! I'm happy to present our second episode to appear here on the Huffington Post: Corn Bean Salad, brought to you today in vegetarian/vegan vision! We're very excited to present our first Vegetarian/Vegan recipe that will last from Sunday-Thursday to you, our newest fans!

I can't say enough about how delicious and easy to prepare this recipe is. It's crazy yummy, and it's perfect for all you new home-chefs who want to take baby steps into the kitchen. It's also great for summer and spring, which are just around the corner, so I recommend you add it to your to do list!

A note about serving: to make Corn Bean Salad part of a well rounded meal, you could add a chicken breast, a pork chop, or even a flank steak (if you're feeling fancy) without breaking the bank, as the ingredients for this salad only cost about $12. You could also pair it with our tortilla soup for a Tex-Mex meal that will wow you!

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