04/04/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Recession Recipe: Falafel! (Video)

Welcome back to E. Bites, HuffPost watchers! This week's episode is a tasty Mediterranean classic: Falafel! I sincerely enjoy the falafel making process (maybe a little too much) because it involves two super fun activities: food processing and deep frying. Deep frying anything is sort of a marvelous feet. You start with something kind of icky and sticky, and you end up with something crunchy delicious! It's a magical transformation!

So, just a few notes on this episode:

1- I considered showing how to make homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to accompany the falafel, but it turns out that Tahini (key hummus ingredient) is kind of expensive, so I opted out. Better to buy the packaged stuff in this case. Tribe is my favorite. They do not pay me.

2- If you do want to make your own hummus (it's pretty fun) and you've got a few extra bucks, I recommend giving it a go. This is a great recipe complete with instructions on roasting your own red pepper right over the flame, which is a treat.

3- Along with hummus, here's what I like with my falafel: feta cheese, pico de gallo (or fresh tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers) pickles and good pita bread. All these extras are cheap, so go for gold and make the full platter.

4- Falafel is yummy - MAKE IT!

Enjoy everybody! As always, for this recipe and more episodes of Economy Bites check out our site. You can also follow us on Twitter, become a Facebook fan, and join our email list by going to our site and entering your email into the box under the words "Sign up for our Email List!"