The Cost of Bottled Water

As someone who has grown up living in Southern California, I know all too well about the costs and scarcities of water. As we continue to combine the effects of global climate change with an ever increasing and developing population, the supply and delivery of clean water will continue to be one of the most serious issues of our time. In Southern California, not only do we 'borrow' the majority of our water from other places like Northern California, the Owens Valley and the Colorado River, but we use huge amounts of energy to deliver it.

The use of bottled water as a source of drinking water doesn't make matters any better. In fact, it contributes greatly to the problem. Not only does it take valuable water resources from locations around the country that need them, but it uses huge amounts of fossil fuel to bottle and deliver it, leaving in its wake a literal ocean of unrecycled plastics.

Today, in my home, a combination of a whole house water filter from Lifesource and a water ionizer from KYK give my family clean and healthy drinking water, bath water and laundry water. A water recycling system from Gray Water Recycling Systems reuses much of that water as an irrigation source for my property. I quit drinking bottled water years ago, but now I have the perfect teaching tool with this film to convince my friends to give up the bottle. The film Tapped illustrates quite clearly how we've been getting 'soaked' for years by the bottled water industry.

Tapped is a must see!