11/27/2012 11:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stephanie Miller, Lesbian Radio Host, Defends the Salvation Army on Current TV (VIDEO) (UPDATE)

Stephanie Miller, a liberal talk radio host and a lesbian, recently interviewed Major George Hood of the Salvation Army during her show on Current TV. She allowed Hood to get away with claiming that the Salvation Army is not anti-gay and that it's all just a bunch of Internet lies.

America Blog and The Week have already published lengthy lists evidencing the clear anti-gay discrimination that the Salvation Army partakes in. What is astounding is that Miller not only let Major Hood get away with the lies without questioning them; she actually agreed with him!

The video clip (viewable above) is up on the show's website under the title "The truth about the Salvation Army's stance on LGBT issues." Miller is already receiving enormous scrutiny from fans on both Facebook and Twitter. She and Current TV owe both their audience and the entire LGBTQ community an apology for attempting to pinkwash the Salvation Army and mislead people into believing that they are not an anti-gay group.

UPDATE: Stephanie Miller and Bill Press have offered an explanation and an apology for supporting the Salvation Army. They explained that Current TV had asked them to participate in a fundraising competition to benefit the group. Stephanie admitted that she hadn't done her research and called herself a "bad gay." They have both pledged to drop the Salvation Army sponsorship and donate all funds already raised to the Trevor Project. Listen to the audio below.