11/17/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain's Tax Plans Also Redistribute Wealth

We hear it everyday from the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Stanley Kurtz: Barack Obama wants to redistribute your wealth by taking your hard earned money and spreading it around to others. On ABC with Diane Sawyer, Joe the Plumber said Barack Obama maintains a Socialist view.

But Riddle Me This, Batman:

If "less taxes on the middle class/more taxes for the rich" qualifies as income redistribution, then how is "less taxes on the rich/more taxes for the middle class" any different??

Let me get this straight - since income is already redistributed in a way that favors the rich, then that makes it okay, and for McCain to alter the tax policy that favors the rich even MORE is still okay, but to flip the script and have the middle class get the better tax break is Socialism???

It is this kind of stupid logic that will ultimately cost the Republicans the Presidency.

John McCain could have been a real "maverick" and told his party that he opposes the Bush Tax Cuts just like he originally did. He could have told his base that while he is not a true conservative, a balanced the budget is the only way to get to have a chance at establishing such conservative values, and getting rid of those enormous tax breaks to the rich is a good start, especially when the middle class are struggling.

But no. That's because John McCain is not a true leader when it comes to the economic crisis this country faces.

John McCain is a puppet, with everyone right-of-center pulling the strings.

John McCain was a puppet in picking an unqualified Vice Presidential candidate when he really wanted to pick Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge.

John McCain was a puppet by attacking Obama on talking points that Stanley Kurtz probably repeats to himself every night before he sleeps, when he should have been sticking to economic issues that affect the middle class.

And now John McCain is a puppet again when it comes to taking from the middle class and personally stuffing the pockets of oil executives, just like his buddy "W".

A recent study by the Tax Policy Center shows that a hard working individual with a total income of $19,000 would see a $100 savings under McCain's plan compared to a $900 savings under Obama's plan. So what happens to that $800 under McCain's plan? All of that money, plus some, instead goes to the family that makes $225,000, where McCain's plan gives them $4,400 in tax breaks instead of the $2,800 in tax breaks that Obama's plan does.

In other words, McCain takes $800 from someone making $19,000 a year and gives it to the family that makes $225,000.

That, my friends, is truly unfair income redistribution, brought to you with a smile and a wink by John McCain.