02/24/2012 03:02 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Governors Chris Christie & Bob McDonnell Get It

I'm sending Governor Chris Christie a flying chancla for vetoing a marriage equality bill and contending that the people of New Jersey should vote on the matter. That is some short-sighted thinking by the Governor. Who wants to put the civil rights of people up on the ballot? Can you imagine if elected officials placed legalizing interracial marriage on the ballot in the 1960s or in present day America? Governor Christie also labeled President Obama a coward for not stating his position clearly on marriage equality, even though the President came out against California's Prop 8 and directed his Administration not to defend DOMA. Governor Christie has every right to veto any bill he feels is wrong for New Jersey, but let's be clear, he's the cobarde. Arguing that the people of New Jersey should be vote on this controversial issue is caballo mierda! Even if the majority of people vote against marriage equality, that doesn't make it right. The Governor has simply failed to do the right thing. 

What state is next to take part in the War on Women? Virginia. The state legislature was on the verge of passing legislation that would mandate that every woman receive a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion. Due to the negative national press the legislation was receiving Governor Bob McDonnell (R) decided not to support the bill, but instead urge the legislature to pass a bill that would require women to get a transabdominal ultrasound before getting an abortion. Can states just leave women alone already? I'm giving Governor McDonnell and the VA state legislature a chanclaso for meddling in the private and personal affairs of women.


Guess who's on the cover of the next issue (coming out March 5) of TIME Magazine? NOSOTROS!  TIME Magazine's cover story is on how Latinos will decide the next presidential election. I urge all of you to pick it up and read about the decisive role Latinos will be playing in national and state elections. Vamos a votar en 2012! Un aplauso to TIME Magazine y para la gente who vote in elections.