05/15/2012 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jan Brewer Gets Embarrassing Xenophobic Lady-Boner In Anticipation of Supreme Court SB 1070 Decision

The Supreme Court listened to arguments a few weeks back concerning SB1070 Arizona's controversial immigration law in order to determine its constitutionality. This law, which has spawned countless copycat laws in other states and has resulted in lower courts challenging certain provisions, seems to be headed towards being upheld by the highest court in the land. At least this is the outcome one can infer from some of the Supreme Court questions and comments during the proceedings.

Coincidentally, Brewer was in Washington speaking at a flying monkey convention and, after showing her minions her newest tattoo (see below), she made her way to listen in on the SB1070 arguments.

After listening to some of the arguments and the seemingly favorable responses of the justices, Jan Brewer -- Arizona's Republican Governor, displaced alligator, and part-time crypt-keeper -- had an unexpected, embarrassing response to the scales of blind justice tilting in her favor. She became so sweaty and overtly aroused by the chance to continue peddling unfettered xenophobia, that she got the first recorded xenophobia-induced lady-boner. Yes. Apparently that is a thing.

A shot of Ms. Brewer's uncontrolled glee taken by a scared witness.

Ms. Brewer had to be escorted from the courtroom as she laughed maniacally and did nothing to conceal her excitement. In fact, when she finally found herself outside, she began thrusting her aforementioned enthusiasm aggressively in the direction of anyone of color who was unfortunate enough to be walking in her vicinity. She also reportedly began shouting - "I'll get you my pretties... and your little anchor babies, too."

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[photos by kiwanja, DonkeyHotey