04/06/2015 09:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

31 Things You Learn By The Time You're 40

Elaine Alguire
  1. Being tired and ready for bed at 9 p.m. is more than OK.
  2. The days are long but the years are short -- and any time in the doctor's office with kids feels like years and days.
  3. A well-fitting bra is important, and should be off your body no later than 9 p.m.
  4. Actually, 5 p.m. is good, too.
  5. When in doubt, don't buy -- especially when it comes to shoes and lipstick.
  6. Sometimes you take your kid to "Disney on Ice" because you know he or she will really love it, not because you will. And certainly not because you like paying $7.50 for that souvenir mug of tepid hot chocolate.
  7. Stale popcorn is also very expensive at "Disney on Ice."
  8. You can totally do your own pedicure, but it's much more relaxing to have someone else do it.
  9. Chores for kids are a really good idea.
  10. Exercising is essential, but so is eating a bag of kettle corn popcorn occasionally. It's all about balance.
  11. According to your kids, the "good old days" are any of the days that were pre-Internet.
  12. Red paint takes three to four coats.
  13. Mirrors are kinda dumb, but good for convincing children that you have eyes in the back of your head.
  14. Cookies are not dumb at all.
  15. However, laundry is the dumbest.
  16. The size of your house does not matter, but the size of the love inside its walls does (cheesy, but true).
  17. Marriage is no piece of cake. But it is worth it to get to taste the anniversary cake.
  18. You are old enough to be the mother of the cute lifeguards at the pool.
  19. Having babies is a big deal, but raising them to be adults you admire and respect is a much bigger deal.
  20. The term "low-rise" on clothing can be translated to "no buy."
  21. Mom jeans (my version is jeggings) have their merits.
  22. Eating an entire pint of cookie dough ice cream on the first day of your period is totally acceptable. And if it isn't, TOO DAMN BAD!
  23. Your period can sometimes feel like the devil.
  24. Being yourself is the best person to want to be and to actually be.
  25. Drop-off birthday parties are the best.
  26. It's better to have your husband talk to your pre-teen son about the "hair down there."
  27. Writing your thoughts down right away is a really good idea, because otherwise, they could be gone in less than the blink of an eye.
  28. Wrinkles are sneaky.
  29. A good hairdresser is key.
  30. Quality time spent really listening to your loved ones is priceless.
  31. And...

  32. 40 is just a number.

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