04/01/2012 08:08 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou, Where Are You?

Mad Men's Sexy Reminder to Re-Discover Your Inner Provocateur

We're singing it, we're downloading it, we're re-watching it, we're debating it and
let's face it... we're fantasizing about it too. Why is Megan Draper's breathy
performance of '60s French pop song, "Zou Bisou Bisou," on the season premiere
of Mad Men, hitting such a nerve?

It was awkward, yes. It made Don angry and caused his guests to squirm. Of
course it did. The intimate, sultry performance revealed the most personal slice
of Don's otherwise quite private life, making him feel... gasp... vulnerable and
exposed. But why has it so moved the rest of us?

Hmmm... Definitely a catchy song... Even my 7-year-old is humming it around
the house. (Come on now... he heard the music coming form my office.) And
actress Jessica Paré looked incredible. No doubt that costume designer Janie
Bryant absolutely nailed her party look with that vintage black mini dress, shear
accordion sleeves and rhinestone embellishments. The look was subtly sexy,
easy, feminine, feline... confident. Oh... wait... now we're onto something.

When Megan Draper stepped onto that stage, she did something courageous,
honest, free-spirited. She harnessed a beautiful and youthful brand of sultry
innocence and almost effortlessly, but most effectively, seduced us all. Who
cares if Don couldn't handle it? Who cares if she over-played her hand? We
were Zou Bi'd. Which makes me ask myself, "Could I imagine doing something
like that?" Would I have the guts, the self-possession... the confidence? Would

There was I time I could. There was a time that daring and impulsive acts of
seduction were within reach. OK, perhaps not in a crowded room of co-workers.
But still... I could tap into that part of me with little effort. When I felt it, I could
believe it and I could sell it without so much as a thought... or at least, a second
thought. I mean, I don't imagine that Megan plotted with her friends, questioned
how it would be received or anguished over every move. No. She went for it with
just the mildest undercurrent of shyness that made it sweet and believable. She
owned it. Yeah... I could have done that for my man.

Smash cut to today:

6:30 a.m. Morning Rush: "Sigh," when you realize you forgot to preset the coffee
maker, flip for who makes breakfast, change daughter's clothes three times
because today is "funky day," explain why hand lotion isn't appropriate for hair
styling, quick kiss good-bye and out the door with the minis. Forget lunch boxes,
but feel good knowing that sandwiches were packed in environmentally safe

12 p.m. Lunch is for sissies... I have work to do!

3 p.m. Back on monkey duty... pick-up kids and execute afternoon of fun and
memorable events.

6-7:30 p.m. Homework done. Dinner, check. Game time, book time, bedtime.

8 p.m. Back to work.

8:30 p.m. Ahhh... "Mr. Draper" comes home.

True or False: I am now ready to cue my inner seductress. Pause. Not-so-much.
Ugh. What happened? My hypothesis: Life happened. I know I'm not alone
when I say that the love may be there but I'm just so tired! And digging deeper...
maybe I fear just a bit, that "magic" might require "mystery," and If so, will my
performance still please if my audience lives backstage?

Oh, I know that fearless abandon is buried in there somewhere, I do... and I'm
working on it. But I'm closer now for having seen Mrs. Draper's performance, for
having realized how far I've drifted and for committing to finding my way back.
In the meantime, I'll be at Barney's looking for a new, little black dress.