07/19/2010 11:34 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NC-Sen: Who will fight for the unemployed?

From the New York Times on June 30th:

What's needed, and what's lacking, is leadership, both in Congress and from the White House, to set the terms of the debate -- jobs before deficit reduction -- and to fight for those terms, with failure not an option.

They're right, and that was from over a month ago as the battle to extend jobless aid still rages on.

Tomorrow, the Senate will vote to end the gridlock and it is expected they will break the filibuster, but it's not a lock. The fight to convince Washington starts and ends with Republicans like Burr looking to score cheap political points. That's why we've been taking action this month to hold Burr accountable.

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Right now, it's important we show Senator Burr - and his buddies in Washington - that ordinary folks aren't going to stand for these overtly political games. But there is also a smear campaign that we have to refute - here are some simple points that our campaign has put together on the extension:

1. Jobless aid stimulates the economy. This aid has an impactful dual effect as it helps people who need it most and puts money into the economy. It pays for essential services (food, rent, car insurance, etc...) which puts money right back into the hands of small business and works to stimulate the economy.

2. It's simply the right thing to do. These are the people who are hurting most during the recession. There is only one job opening for every five out-of-work persons, which means millions cannot find work in this recovering economy.

3. Extending aid has bipartisan support. While Republicans like Senator Burr are attempting to score cheap political points by hurting the unemployed, the extension of this aid has support from economists across party lines. Just ask NYT liberal economist Paul Krugman and former McCain economic advisors!

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Tomorrow, I will officially deliver the thousands of signatures we have collected this past two weeks demanding Senator Richard Burr end the filibuster of crucial aid to the unemployed. After they pass the jobless extension, Washington must begin work on straightforward policies to create jobs and stabilize the economy in recession.

But for now, I hope you'll join us: