05/04/2012 09:02 am ET Updated Jul 04, 2012

Unchecked Bigotry

The modern social issue of equality among those of differing sexual orientations is reminiscent of the days of racial segregation. It echoes the same central idea: you are different, and because you are different, you are clearly in the wrong. And, because you are in the wrong, you do not deserve the same rights as those who adhere to the norm.

The debate over gay marriage absolutely infuriates me. Politicians tread on the topic like it is a mine field, careful to acknowledge its existence while at the same time not addressing their views on it directly. It is obviously a conflict of interest. If a politician firmly establishes their support or lack of support for gay marriage, the mine field goes off. There go the voters. There goes the election.

President Obama's campaign does just that. While some may call his ambiguous approach to the subject of gay marriage prudent, I call it somewhat cowardly. We need to take a stand, and the time to take it is now.

Before I address gay marriage further, I want to discuss the root of my present anger. The root of my anger began to sprout, or rather was reignited, by the story surrounding Jennifer Tyrell, former den mother of Ohio Pack 109's Tiger Scouts.

Ms. Tyrell was ousted from her position as den mother because of her sexual orientation. Right before becoming treasurer for her local Boy Scout troop -- where her seven-year-old son was a member -- she was asked to resign for being a lesbian. Allegedly, the Boy Scouts of America believe that their scouts should not be exposed to issues surrounding sexual orientation.

When you hear of the Boy Scouts, you think of an honest organization, dedicated to instilling positive values in America's male youth. In fact, according to the organization's website, its Scout oath boasts that a scout is both "mentally awake and morally straight." Morally straight, huh? Maybe, the organization takes their oath a little too literally, as noted by Alfred P. Doblin, Editorial Columnist of New Jersey's The Record, in his piece, "It Doesn't Get Better than the Boy Scouts."

A Supreme Court ruling in 2000 allowed the Boy Scouts of America to continue discriminating against individuals based on sexual orientation. Today, we see the sick results of this ruling.
Because a person is a homosexual, they have to be treated differently?! Why? How does their homosexuality threaten the lives of those around them? How does it pose a threat in anyway? If someone could intelligently answer that question for me, I might be swayed. The thing is, that is never going to happen. There is absolutely no justification for prejudice and discrimination.
Society creates a stifling agenda. To fail to fit in is to fail as a human being. Despite the advances made in instigating sexual awareness, LGBT activists still have a long way to go. Individuals still feel pressured to hide their true sexual orientation for fear of being rejected by their friends and family. Everyone has the right to be their own person. It is despicable to advocate otherwise.

Organizations should not be allowed to discriminate against an individual because of their sexual orientation. Similarly, a person should be allowed to marry whomever they want.
Sexual discrimination needs to be addressed directly by today's politicians. Homosexual individuals should be allowed to hold whatever positions they want (whether in a private or public domain) and marry whomever they want. Homosexuality is not some devil-given condition.

I myself am a heterosexual teen, but I will not stand by and allow dogmatism to proliferate.

Open your eyes, America.