10/23/2012 03:15 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2012

Last Shot of Obama and Romney

"Appearing on a news blog yesterday afternoon, the use of the title 'Last Shot' for the evening's debaters Obama and Romney was clearly a semantic play on words with direct double-duty implications. I think that the phrase 'Last Shot' was a bad choice of language to use in kicking off this news item, or, for that matter, any other news relating to any and all personal, community, national & world issues -- the terminology creates a mental picture of the candidates quite literally shooting at each other -- and therein lies part of the sad plight of human communication and interaction on Earth. We are all quite aware that Obama and Romney are "shooting" at each other -- I would call their language examples of verbal abuse. Such verbal attacks relating to all types of issues mount up and can and have become the negative base from which emerge physical attacks leading to the kind of horrific violence that continues to plague Planet Earth.

To me it appears that many human problems are based on the type of language used by people in describing the issues that concern them (including stupidity and ignorance), which, in turn, affects their ability to truly understand the issues which are facing the parties involved. If one party has no clue about what the specific problem is for the second party, then it is essential that the parties involved learn basic strategies for communicating their lack of understanding, information and/or misinformation, and only then can they move on to resolving what the true and accurate issues are. Perhaps you could use my services. "

-Spokespuppet Splunkunio Splunkey®

Peacemaker-Mediator and Citizen from Planet Onyx

Splunkey arrived on Planet Earth with a mission -- to help humans learn how to get along, learn necessary techniques for working as a team, learn how to achieve common goals and learn how to create a world of harmony and peace.

With the third and final debate over, are you now ready to cast your vote for the next President of the United States? Splunkey never became a citizen of the United States. He believes it is our responsibility to make a wise choice. So, Dear Citizens, weigh the issues with care and choose wisely.

Dr. Elana Ashley
Silent Partner of Spokespuppet Splunkunio Splunkey® and U.S. Citizen