03/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Funky to Fabulous: Are You Bush Whacking Yourself?

Imagine a leader who jet-sets around the globe but blithely ignores the
needs of his nation. He forgets to see that his people have good food to eat
and that clean water to drink. He turns a deaf ear to the people's needs,
because he is so busy hobnobbing with other leaders. How long do you suppose
the local folks would put up with it? Don't you think they'd find a way to
revolt? If you think this is merely a description of a former president or
Wall Street CEO's guess again.

It's the same inside of you.

Bong Hit or Bush-Whacked?
Being so busy that you disregard your own needs is a set-up for a bite in
the backside (self sabotage) pretty much every time. It is arrogant to think
that you can drive yourself to achieve unreasonable goals. Maybe you get
sick on your vacation, or get lost and are late to an important meeting,
blow the diet you've been doing so well on...or have a photo of your
partying hits the internet. What might seem like sabotage is simply pleas
for your attention from some part of you.

The photo last week of Michael Phelps smoking pot was an illustration of
these phenomena. A snapshot of Phelps daily schedule was: he woke up,
trained, ate and slept -- for years. Who could live with that level of
imbalance in his daily life? I believe that like you and I, even a
world-class athlete needs to have a life. If that authentic balance is
upset, there are consequences. Sponsors loved his squeaky clean image, and
that bong hit may cost Phelps millions. He bush-whacked his bank account.

In last weeks post many of your comments asked about how to turn off
self-sabotage. LINK. In my coaching practice, I consistently see that
executives have been so task oriented that they aren't listening to
themselves or their clients effectively. Listening to your inner feedback
system is one of the fastest ways to avoid making mistakes or setting
objectives that are unrealistic.

Hey, If You Won't Listen To Yourself Who Else Will?
Listening to you is pretty darned easy, and it packs a whopping payoff. It's
how you get the lowdown on what lifts you and what doesn't. It shifts taking
good care of yourself and your organization from a little theory into
specific choices and actions.

You don't have to take just my word for it. Studies show that honoring your
inherent knowing makes you feel cheerier. The International Journal of Aging
and Human Development, for instance, recently reported that people who have
a sense of autonomy and make decisions for themselves are three times more
satisfied with their lives than those who don't.

Turnaround Technique: How To Check In With Yourself

Close your eyes. Observe your breathing. Now scan that glorious bod of
yours. Become aware of your body sensations. How do your shoulders, neck,
and stomach feel? Take an inner snapshot. Get a read of how you feel to use
as a baseline. Next, bring to mind a situation about which you want some
insight. Once you are seeing it clearly, let your body give you feedback.
Flash. It's that fast.

1. How Do I Do More of What Works?
What works for you? Ask yourself for a specific action that supports you.
You know better than anyone else. Is it drinking more water, walking in
nature, calling clients that haven't used you this year? Listen to your
body. This can take under one minute to get the feedback

2. How Do I Less of What Doesn't Work?
Let the rest of us, you probably know the answer to this. Ask yourself? Ask
yourself for a specific action that stymies you. Is it time to get out of
e-jail and not answer email until after lunch? Do you need to drink less
coffee and more water? Do you need to say thank you to your team? What is


Are you ready to get out of the way and let your dreams have a

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