03/31/2016 03:59 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2017

10 Non-basketball Events That Happen at Warrior Games

I love watching professional basketball, particularly the Golden State Warriors. But lots of other stuff happens at the game during time-out. Here are 10 non-basketball events:

1. DJ DSharp spinning on the ones and twos.

2. Ruby Lopez, in her third season with the Warriors as a television host and pumping up the crowd and doing contests.

3. Franco Finn "Hype Man" in his seventh season.

4. The "Kiss Cam".

5. The Warriors Dance Team formerly the "Warrior Girls".

6. T-Shirts whether through the parachute drop, t-shirt launch, or on the chairs.

7. There is always something on the chairs and sometimes give-aways at the door or the way in or out.

8. The "Dance Cam"

9. Contests with fans shooting baskets.

10. The performances at the opening, singing of the National Anthem, and half-time.

Peace, love, compassion, and blessings.