11/21/2014 05:07 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2015

Black Friday Shoppers Are Not Villains

We've all seen it on the internet, in television and probably on the radio. Black Friday shoppers are made to look like selfish idiots. I just want to take a moment though to explain why Black Friday shoppers are not villains.

1. They boost the economy

Even though stores are cutting prices, the entire point of black friday is to help retailers move from "in the red" to "in the black" so they don't go "in the hole" by the end of the year. We all know that several retailers have already made massive profits in the year, but look at it this way: they are providing more people with more jobs this year. Yes, they may be making a minimum wage, but they are earning a portion of the profits and for some people they really need that money. In addition, with the money people save by shopping Black Friday deals, they can use it elsewhere to boost the economy.

2. They have a good time

With exception to Black Friday violence, for the most part I believe people really are enjoying themselves. Believe it or not, some people get a thrill out of sleeping in a tent outside of a store for a few days. They can tell a great story and have the opportunity to share an experience.

3. They are supporting small businesses

Everyone puts a lot of focus on the major corporations benefiting from Black Friday, but small businesses do as well. For example, as a small business owner myself, I am able to finish off the year by promoting deals on my blog. I enjoy finding deals and posting them for my readers. People will even send me personal requests and I look into them. So while the deals I am posting are typically from large retailers, people purchasing using the links on my blog are supporting my small business.

4. They aren't necessarily away from their family on Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday isn't just one day now. It's almost an entire month. And now it's online. Since I myself post deals for Black Friday and I also head out to the stores on Thanksgiving night and the next day, I can tell you that I personally have noticed that the deals online are just as good if not better. So if you don't like the idea of sleeping overnight outside of a store, just roll out of bed and visit the website of your favorite blogger and you can get the same deals in your pajamas.

5. They are frugal

A lot of the people I have talked to that get excited about Black Friday deals are frugal. They are good stewards of their money and prefer to get the best deals at the best time of year. They often are aware of which items have a lower price at this time of year and they are simply shopping to take advantage of the prices rather than participating in the hype.

So next time you hear someone talking about being a Black Friday shopper, don't stereotype! It's not all hype!