04/14/2008 12:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Let's All Play: Hillary Rewrites History!

First imaginary sniper fire. Then gun lust. Then drinking shots with the guys. For the next episode of Hillary Rewrites History, we're inviting viewers to write in and make suggestions as to what she might say next. I give her until the end of the week to claim that she's anti-choice. I suspect that when she declares her sympathy for the "unborn," she'll says she was always in sympathy with the pro-life movement. I bet she'll even call it "pro-life" instead of what it is: anti-choice. But this is just one increasingly bitter woman's view. Bitter about watching this brilliant, accomplished, and esteemed woman have a temper tantrum that won't quit.

Perhaps if readers come up with good ideas, her campaign can use our responses for strategy on what new policies and positions Hillary can lay claim to as the Pennsylvania primary heats up.

I think she'll stop short of arguing that women shouldn't be allowed to vote. But I'm curious to know where Huff Po readers think this Bullitt-style car chase might go.

For those who write in and accuse me of always having it in for Hillary, the record suggests otherwise. Several months ago on Huff Po I reviewed Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, a collection of extremely smart and often sympathetic essays about her. I stated my immense admiration for her and said that if she were the nominee, I'd roll up my sleeves and join the volunteer core. A lot has happened since then. Did I mention the time I was flying into Sarajevo and had to parachute out of the plane into a field loaded with land mines because the airport was under siege?