10/05/2012 05:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Being An Artist Is Willing to Be Embarrassed: Highlights From the September 20 Dinner Party

It was tricky taking Fear No ART presents The Dinner Party on the road last month. The challenges of a new space, unions, no real lighting to speak of and a set that came together at the last of last moments were, well, challenging. However, having the show take place in the middle of Expo Chicago, an art fair of international import, was worth the hiccups.

The sold out crowd of art collectors and enthusiasts brought almost as much energy to the event as the stellar Dinner Party guests: artistic director of the Chicago Children's Choir, Josephine Lee, principal percussionist of the Chicago Sinfonietta, Jeff Handley, sculptor Tony Tasset and wonder-chef Michael Kornick of MK, The Restaurant. Conversation was all over the arts map from talking about the work of each artist to how each artist gets through a rut and why they choose to live and create in Chicago. And, of course, nothing gets a crowd going like a performance from the Chicago Children's Choir, West African drum banging from the Chicago Sinfonietta Percussive Trio, and Michael Kornick's Lake Erie white fish with Maine lobster, Nichols Farm New Potatoes and Salsa Verde. The highlights from the September 20 Dinner Party are in the video below.

To attend the October 29 Dinner Party at the Mayne Stage with chef Sean Sanders of Brown Trout, the commissioner of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Michelle Boone, Sun Times Daily Splash editor, Susanna Negovan and creator and executive producer of Check, Please!, David Manilow, click here.