12/29/2016 10:54 am ET Updated Dec 30, 2017

7 Things To Remember This Holiday Season

1. The holiday season is only crazy if you choose that.

You may have a huge list of gifts to buy, errands to run, and the streets are likely to be packed with cars and people.

But if you stay present in each moment, practice mindful breathing and choose an attitude of gratitude, this period can be just as peaceful as any other period of your life.

Our level of inner peace and happiness often comes down to our attitude. We can choose to get stressed out, or we can choose to take deep breaths, find something to be grateful for or laugh about in the moment, and maintain our sense of inner calm.

2. Triggers are your teachers.

The holiday season often involves social time with work colleagues or family members, which can often bring up mixed or difficult emotions for people.

It can be helpful to remember that the people who trigger strong emotional reactions in us are often our biggest teachers. While they might be difficult people to deal with, we can use this as an opportunity to look within ourselves and discover greater levels of forgiveness, love, self-validation or personal power that we never knew we had.

3. Make time to reflect on your year.

It can be tempting to simply countdown the days until the new year. But this is the perfect time of year to reflect on the past 12 months of your life and learn the lessons.

Ask yourself: "Where did I experience joy or fulfilment this year? What areas of my life are not working how I'd like them to? What did I learn about myself and the world this year?"

The answers to these questions can help set you up for an amazing year ahead.

4. Choose to let things go.

This is also a great time of year to shed and release things that are no longer serving you, so that you are free to have a fresh start in the new year.

What old resentments, regrets or mistakes from your past are you still holding onto? What limiting stories about yourself, like that you're not good enough or capable enough, are you ready to let go? Make a list and commit to letting these things go.

You may also like to physically declutter your home environment. Go through your wardrobe, drawers and old paperwork and clear out anything you no longer need or love. You will be energetically creating space for new goals and dreams in the new year.

5. Plan your goals and dreams.

Schedule in precious time to get clear on who you currently are and what you really want for the next 6-12 months. Now is the time to get clear on your purpose, values, goals, action plan and mindset. This work will set you up for a happy and fulfilling year ahead.

It is never too late to change your life. With the right planning and self-inquiry work, you can set yourself up for your best year yet.

6. Remember you are not alone.

If you are drowning in to-do lists or stress, reach out to a friend or loved one. If you have big goals and dreams but no idea how to reach them, look for a mentor, and remember that when you are committed to creating your goals, the Universe will often support you with the right people, opportunities and ideas out of nowhere.

7. Focus on what matters.

What do you need to feel your best and most energetic and empowered? Whether it's meditation, exercise, journalling, time in nature, lots of water, nourishing foods, inspiring inspirational videos, books or deep conversations with friends, make sure you do it. It may be a busy time of year, but that means you need your grounding rituals more than ever!

Also, stay grounded in the truth of what actually matters to you. It's easy to get swept up in excessive shopping and worrying about what other people think of you and trying to be a people-pleaser and complaining about the crowds, but in these moments, stop and ask yourself: "Is this really my truth? Is this who I want to be? Does this really matter to me?"

You may remember that what really matters to you is: Love. Integrity. Inner peace. Personal growth. Happiness. True connection. Mindfulness. Gifts that matter. Minimalism. Friendship. Forgiveness. Patience. Authenticity. And personal power.

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