07/16/2010 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Denver's Essential Concert Calendar

The Problem of Leisure: Denver's Essential Concert Calendar for July 15 - 21, 2010

Don't forget to squeeze in a few shows before the UMS soaks up every juicy bit of spare time you possess! Dead Weather's gig may be sold out, but don't despair. Even without Jack White on the agenda, it's still a tremendous week for show going in Denver. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, the Mynabirds, and Beach Fossils, each of whom released some of 2K10's best music, will perform this week.

July 17: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Prepare to be wildly entertained by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. One of the most creative and prolific musicians ever to fall in love with a tape deck, Pink finally came into his own on Before Today, his latest release. For a preview of the Haunted Graffiti doing their thing live, check out the band's 4AD sessions. If their version of the artsy "Little Wig" doesn't cause a run on tickets for Saturday's show, I will eat my glass eye. Do not miss Magic Kids, a rising quartet from Nashville, whose orchestral manoeuvrings will open the show.

The Bluebird Theater 3317 E. Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80218

July 19: Dark, Dark, Dark and the Mynabirds

It's hard to imagine two cities that are more different than New Orleans and Minneapolis. They also happen to be two of the places that Dark Dark Dark call home. Perhaps their diverse geography is what allows Dark Dark Dark to take the same set of tools and create a new sound with each song. Although their music is always tied together by vocalist Nona Marie Invie, they offer up everything from spooky accordion-laced harmonies to teapot orchestral arrangements, to half-speed doo wop. The Mynabirds, a new project by chanteuse Laura Burhenn (ex-Georgie James) skillfully updates the soulful moodiness of '60s-era icon Dusty Springfield. Like a Tabernacle organ, Burhenn's pipes deliver each note with gusto, so expect her performance to be both moving and enduring.

The Hi-Dive 7 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80223

July 20: Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils isn't just another hip, Brooklyn-based band. The group grew out of leader Dustin Payseur's home recordings, and Beach Fossils' songs retain a dreamy simplicity that envelops the listener. "I don't know just what I feel / but I feel it all tonight" sings Payseur on "Youth," consider that a description of what listeners might expect at the show. Give yourself a chance to experience Beach Fossils introspective melodic shoegaze. Clean and lucid, Beach Fossils possess a clarity that is rare among their peers. Area bands Fellow Citizens and The Army of Summer open the show.

The Hi-Dive 7 S. Broadway Denver, CO 80223

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