06/07/2010 04:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

And the Moron Award Goes to . . .

Following the stellar repeat performance of Ben Roethlisberger (and his six-game suspension) in the moron awards, this week's award goes to Green Bay Packers second-year cornerback Brandon Underwood.

Police are investigating Underwood in connection with an alleged sexual assault of two women Saturday morning at a condo in Lake Delton, Wis. Apparently seven Packers were in town for a charity gold tournament hosted by star rookie Clay Matthews, and they all decided to party it up with some local ladies they met at a bar.

Six Packers were interviewed and released: quarterback matt Flynn, saftey Khalil Jones, guard Josh Sitton, fullback Korey Hall and linebackers Brad Jones and Clay Matthews. The seventh--Underwood--is the one in question.

Allegedly, Underwood had sex with two women, aged 31 and 33, and he claims it was consensual--the ladies beg to differ. Some sources have reported that the women changed their story, so the validity of the claim is under investigation.

It looks like a nasty battle of he said/she said is underway, but here's what I don't understand: Why are are NFL players so incredibly stupid sometimes? First of all, you're at a charity golf match, for crying out loud. Keep it in your pants and do a good deed. Secondly, these guys are public figures, and thusly, should act like it. If Underwood actually did force sex upon these women, isn't the obvious result that he would be charged? Not only is it a crime, but he's a semi-celebrity. Has Tiger, Benny-boy, Jesse James, insert other celebrity here, not taught you anything? You're going to get caught. You always get caught.

And if it was consensual...wake up and smell the Trojans, my friend. These girls were probably pretty pissed when they realized you slept with them both. Might that make it reason to view it as less consensual and more "let's make your life a living hell?" That's for the judge to decide at this point.

Supposedly Underwood has been a problem from the beginning, so I wouldn't be shocked if the Packers just dropped him. After the whole Chumara-gate of 2000--you know, when our tight end was arrested for sexual assault and child enticement after his kid's former babysitter claimed he raped her in the bathroom at an after-prom party--it's not unlikely that the Packers wouldn't want to deal with another sex scandal.

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