02/24/2016 09:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Open Your Heart to the Blessings Around You

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It can be tricky to stay focused on all that is right in the world. It becomes even more challenging with the constant stream of information persuading us to focus on everything that is wrong. We are continually inundated with messages that put the spotlight on fear, conflict and judgment.

We could wait around expecting to be handed messages of comfort and assurance that all is well. But what if instead, we took things into our own hands and gave ourselves the gift of opening our eyes wide and seeing everything that is so good in the world - what then?

I can't help but notice how much lighter and brighter life is when I tune out the endless chatter of everything that is wrong in the world, and instead put my attention on everything that is so brilliantly right.

Opening our hearts to the blessings around us is something each of us has the power to give to ourselves. This practice is a powerful way to counterbalance the steady stream of all that is hard to wrap our minds around.

These are a few reminders I practice to keep my focus on all that feels right, and offset the things that are hard. Try them on for size, or make your own list of reminders to open your heart to the blessings around you.

1. Life Is the Gift

Instead of viewing today as just another day to get through, see what changes by opening your mind to the idea that today is the blessing. Every experience, feeling, thought, conversation, sight, sound, taste and smell can be viewed as part of that blessing, if we choose. Our perspective is powerful. It is the gateway that helps us decide how we view life before us. We can simplify and magnify our existence by adding gratitude to our lens. The daily practice of gratitude helps us to see and savor the many gifts we are continually offered. Never lose sight of the view that life is the gift.

2. Diversity is Good

Instead of spending our time judging each other and fearing our differences, what if we opened our hearts enough to see each other's uniqueness as a thing of beauty? When we open our eyes and really start to look and see the truth of who people are, we receive the gift of seeing their light and recognizing their humanity. By focusing on our shared humanity and similarities, we are rewarded with the feeling that it is okay to be different. What makes us unique and travel down different paths on this life journey is not cause for concern or alarm. Diversity is good, it adds more depth and meaning to our blessings.

3. All Is Well, Spread the Word

What if we shared our voice to spread out more reasons why life is a gift? Our presence is powerful and we can use it to spread all kinds of things out into the world. When we begin spending our time searching for the good and sharing that back out, we help inspire others to experience the same. This also applies when we choose to focus on all of the fears, negativity, and discord around us, others will feel the effects of our focus and presence -- it is contagious. See what happens when you practice using your presence as a tool to tip the scales towards more joy and acceptance in the world. Nurture yourself and strengthen your presence by noticing and savoring the blessings around you each and every day. Use your voice to spread out words of encouragement and acceptance. And remember to tell yourself often that all is well.

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