05/05/2010 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Big Ben Bar Chart 'Outliers'

Jerome Armstrong discusses regional changes in UK voting intention since 2005.

Anthony Wells rounds up the final polls before UK voters go to the polls.

Henry Farrell answers a question about how to test for tactical voting in the UK.

Tom Dollar explains how a hung parliament could benefit the Tories.

Andrew Sullivan rounds up final commentary on the UK elections; his readers discuss the electoral math.

CNN finds that a majority of British people oppose immigration.

Lymari Morales rounds up Gallup's findings on immigration.

Jonathan Martin talks to Democratic pollsters Paul Maslin and John Anzalone about immigration.

Reid Wilson reports on falling Democratic primary turnout compared to 2006.

Steve Singiser and Tom Schaller give their post-mortems on yesterday's primaries.

Frank Newport asks if polling is relevant when it comes to civil rights.

Alex Bratty says voters are placing more blame on Obama for the economy as the election nears.

Mark Mellman urges Democrats to avoid telling voters they are really better off than they feel.

ABC News and the Washington Post ask what motivates the tea party movement.

M.S. at Democracy in America analyses epistemic closure and political misinformation.

David Hill looks back on decades of polling for Continental Airlines.

Bob Groves sends an open-letter to 600,000 new colleagues.

Henry Farrell highlights "new advances in the visual display of quantitative information:"