08/27/2010 03:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

LA: Oil Spill (PPP 8/21-22)

Public Policy Polling (D)
8/21-22/10; 403 likely voters, 4.9% margin of error
Mode: Automated phone
(PPP release)


Job Approval / Disapproval
Pres. Obama: 35 / 61 (
Gov. Jindal: 58 / 34 (chart)

Has the oil spill in the Gulf made you more or less supportive of offshore drilling, or has it not made a difference to you?
32% More supportive, 21% Less supportive, 48% No difference

Do you approve or disapprove of how _____ has handled the aftermath of the oil spill?
Gov. Jindal: 70% Approve, 20% Disapprove
Pres. Obama: 32% Approve, 61% Disapprove

Do you approve or disapprove of how George W. Bush handled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?
44% Approve, 47% Disapprove

Who do you think has done a better job in helping Louisiana to deal with crisis: George W. Bush or Barack Obama?
54% Bush, 33% Obama