09/12/2012 05:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Tecate Commercial Tells Men To Be Wary Of Calling Their Girlfriends Fat (VIDEO)

"Women cry when you call them fat! LOL! That's like, soooo annoying," seems to be the basic premise of Tecate beer's new commercial. Glad to see the company taking a not-at-all-overdone and sooooooo-hilarious approach to male-female dynamics.

The spot features a couch-ridden dude and his (notably skinny) girlfriend. The woman interrupts her boyfriend's beer and TV-watching couch sesh to ask him whether she looks fat in her dress. (Spoiler alert: She doesn't.) The guy says "Yeah, a little bit." Lo and behold his girlfriend devolves in a weeping mess -- no words of anger, just tears -- and continues to cry throughout a walk in the park, a movie date, a dinner date and a night in bed while her BF shoots the camera "OMG will this lady ever shut up?"-looks. (I mean, WOMEN -- amirite?) We then discover that this entire scenario has been in his head and he wisely decides to tell his lady friend that she looks amazing instead of fat. The tagline of the commercial is "Here's to those who prefer peace over truth." Axe, you may have met your sexist match.

A few thoughts:
1. Some women outside of TV shows, unclever comedy videos and commercials probably do still ask their significant others, "Does this make me look fat?" but the creators of this fine piece of advertising should know that the cliché is now more obvious than the reality. Creators, be more creative.
2. As a general rule, you probably shouldn't tell your significant other -- male or female -- that he or she looks fat. Whether or not a gushing fountain of tears will result is not really the point.
3. If my boyfriend told me I looked fat, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be sleeping in bed with him that night.
4. Does Tecate want exclusively male consumers? If so, the company may get its wish.


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