06/22/2012 06:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Vagina Taboo: FemFresh Reminds Us That No One Should Ever Call Their Lady Parts 'Froo Froo'

With Lena Dunham dropping "vagina" references on a weekly basis in the first season of "Girls," one might think that we were over the whole "vagina is a dirty word" thing. But according to the advertisement for FemFresh, a British "daily intimate wash," this isn't the case. Somehow an ad all about vaginas can't bring itself to say the word.

The print ad, posted on Jezebel, (scroll down to see it) reads:

Mini, twinkle, hoo haa, flower, fancy, yoni, lady garden...

Did you know that regular shower gels and soaps, if used on your privates, can strip it of its natural defences causing dryness and irritation?

With its pH-balanced formula specially developed for intimate skin, femfresh is the kindest way to care for your va jay jay, kitty, nooni, la la, froo froo!

The campaign is called "Whatever you call it, make sure you love it," and the ad received quite a bit of attention after it was posted on the FemFresh Facebook page. According to ZDNet, commenters expressed dismay at the brand's list of infantile -- and just plain odd -- euphemisms for vagina. One woman wrote:

There is nothing wrong with the word 'vagina'! It has been around since the 1600s and describes female anatomy. It is this made up 'lala-fro-chuff-a-huff-a-do-do' jargon, making the female genitals taboo subjects that I am having issues with...

Question: Who actually calls her lady parts "twinkle," "muffin," "froo froo" or "mini"? And really -- do we want anyone to? (Except Betty White. Betty White can talk about buttered muffins as much as she wants to.) If you're born with a vagina, barring any serious medical complications, you're going to have it for life. Also, vagina references are everywhere! In March the Parents Television Council found that the word was used eight times more in TV shows now than a decade ago. Much of this increase has been attributed to female-written programs such as "2 Broke Girls" and "Grey's Anatomy," reported the LA Times.

So ladies and gents, it's time to jump on the V-Word bandwagon. May as well know -- and be able to say -- the proper name for a crucial part of half of the population's genitals. Vagina. That wasn't so hard, was it?

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