02/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

New Year's Wish: A National Boost Of Self-Esteem

I've been thinking a lot about the connection between the state of our
nation and how it relates to self esteem. Additionally, I cant help
but think that the devastating peril our environment currently faces
comes from the lack of positive self esteem we as citizens have.
Logically if we don't feel well about ourselves, how can we be
proactive for anyone or anything else including the environment? When
we feel good about the path our lives are on, we make a multitude of
decisions that positively affect the whole, naturally. Now more so
than every before, quite the opposite is occurring. The complete
disregard of our actions and their long term effects must finally be
addressed. Undeniably, we are at a critical breaking point on many

Overall, as a nation at war, our health has never been poorer, our
children are rebelling for insight and guidance, the enviro,
political, socio economic systems designed to support the variety of
daily demands are maxed-out and embarrassingly we are internationally
known as one of the worst environmental offenders. I'm sure you agree
that enough is enough. The elephant has lived in the room long enough
and it's time we stop the gota-have-it-now consumer ride and get back
to the basics. We've known that what make us happy doesn't come
neatly shrink wrapped in a plastic package or with more horse power,
but we find ourselves stuffed to the gills with inconsequential
things, enough to fill four homes still feeling unsatisfied. Ah, the
life of a modern day American!

The good news is, joy, happiness and contentment is right in our grasp
but we can't look to others to do the job for us. It's up to us, and
we know it. Politically we've elected a president to help lead the
change we've been wanting to see in our country but we need to do our
part in following through and pushing it over the tipping point. On a
personal level, we need to begin at home and reflect on our personal
lives and work toward feeling better about our goals, dreams, self
image, commitment to our fitness and health, to making better business
decisions, considering the carbon footprint we have on the environment
and to prioritize one's family at the top. We need to ask questions
and seek out answers. If something doesn't feel right, it's time to
speak up and teach your children to do the same.

Open lines of communication between those you love and allow thoughts
and ideas to flow, no matter how painful it may be. Gaining positive
self esteem within ones life doesn't have to be a painful process
although expect some painful realities to come to light. Deal with
them, move on and laugh more. Consider this as preparation for the
coming months and years ahead for what our country will need from us.
Honest, real and committed citizens who want the best for their
families and communities. An urgency for change is what we must feel
deep within our bones to work toward having the best life possible
going forward. This is why positive self esteem is so important.
Without it, we settle. By addressing our issues at home and in our
nation, it will make us stronger, more able and unified. There is
a saying that rings true in my life(no matter how difficult it is):
when the thought of changing is harder than change itself, we change.
Together if we make a concerted effort to make one positive shift this
year, the results will be monumental. At the very least we've
collectively contributed to the greater good. Certainly a better
place than where we stand today.