09/16/2013 06:09 pm ET Updated Nov 16, 2013

Confidence...The Road to Beauty

Confidence is the secret weapon a woman can use to overcome any challenge she faces in her day-to-day life. As Nina Garcia wrote, "Confidence is the one thing that can instantly turn the volume up on a woman's beauty." Limitations encourage creativity and creativity emboldens a woman to explore the road less traveled. Rule breakers and intriguing women are not just born, they are created. Below are nine tips to equip you on any path you may take. On that road, make sure to pack your "kick-ass red lipstick," a little black dress, the right shoes and you will be ready to go for just about anything.

1. On Red Lipstick

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." -- Gwyneth Paltrow

2. On Confidence

"Confidence is captivating, it is powerful, and it does not fade -- and that is endlessly more interesting than beauty." -- Nina Garcia

3. On Beautiful Women

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." -- Sophia Loren

4. On the Little Black Dress

"One is never over -- or underdressed with a little black dress." -- Karl Lagerfeld

5. On Shoes

"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." -- Bette Midler

6. On Breaking the Rules

"I have always believed that breaking rules is what makes clothes interesting. It is what I've done in different ways for my entire career. I love mixing fabrics and shapes in unexpected ways -- the classic with the modern, the rugged with the elegant. There are no limits, as long as it's done with a certain taste level." -- Ralph Lauren

7. On Self-Assurance

"Each woman has her own allure. I like humor, opinion, and self-assurance." -- Zac Posen

8. On Beauty and Attitude

"Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it's about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong." -- Adriana Lima

9. On "Just Going For It"

"You have to figure out where you are going and what you have to do and then just go for it." -- Diane von Furstenberg