08/20/2012 12:26 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2012

5 Steps to Have More Money Now

Not having enough money is a widespread problem, but you can do something about it. I'm going to tell you exactly how, and I promise that if you take these steps you'll see results quickly. They've worked in our life for over 30 years, in good times and bad. We've passed them on to thousands of people, and they've made more money, too.

But first here's what doesn't lead to more money -- just in case you've tried them:

  • Blaming the economy
  • Complaining about not having more money
  • Feeling sorry for yourself
  • Worrying about it
  • Procrastinating about dealing with it
  • Thinking you don't deserve it anyway
  • Telling yourself that money doesn't really matter to you

How much money have you made this way? If you're ready to move on, keep reading -- and then act!

Some of these five steps are easy and some are not, but there's nothing here you can't handle if you put your mind to it. It takes time to complete them, but time spent doing so means that you'll have more money. Is there any better way to spend your time? Start at the beginning, keep going, and give it your all -- just as the Olympians did!

1. Make a list of 10 ways to make money quickly and easily and do two of them now.
  • If you were willing to do anything, what could you do? Take on a housecleaning job, hand out leaflets door to door, and help someone get their office organized.
  • Have a garage sale, take clothes to a consignment store, and sell stuff you don't want on Craig's list.
  • Straighten out a mistake on your credit card bill.
  • Argue to have an unfair late charge removed from a statement.

I've been ruthless (but kind) when it comes to getting money that's owed to us. If you put your attention on making and finding money, you'll think of plenty you can do.

2. Take stock of your current money situation as accurately as you can.

  • How much money do I earn per year? per month?

  • How much money do I save per year? per month?

  • What is the total of my assets?

  • What is the total of my debts?

  • What is my net worth (assets minus debts)

  • How much money do I have invested for my future?

  • How much cash do I spend weekly? What do I spend it on? What does it cost me to live each month?
  • 3. Take action to become completely responsible about money.
    • Make a list of everything you need to do to take responsibility.
    • Money you owe, money owed to you, taxes, filing, getting organized...

    When you take this step seriously, you generate integrity that causes miracles to occur. Read more in my recent article: What's Stopping You From Mastering Your Money?

    4. Manage your attitude.
    • Wake up to what you're telling yourself (and others) about money. If the words don't lead to your having more money, stop saying them!
    • When negative thoughts come into your mind, let them go as quickly as possible.
    • Shift to a new Money Paradigm -- here's how: Power of Your Attitude.
    5. Play the money game.
    • Get serious about making more money -- put everything you have into it, just as you have in other areas of your life.
    • Play by the Rules:

    1. Know exactly what you want (a specific financial goal: $XXX)
    2. Know exactly where you are you are -- always (how
    much do you have so far: $XXX)

    Imagine life with sufficiency instead of scarcity

    When you learn to generate sufficiency and are someone who no longer has money problems, you'll grow in your own eyes and in the eyes of others.

    Imagine you need someone to do an important job and are willing to pay that person a lot of money to take it on. Would you look for a person who is prosperous or someone who is always struggling and never seems to have enough?

    Your answer is what makes the money game worth playing -- you'll be given chances to play a bigger game in life. You see the money issue is really about a lot more than money. It's about you and getting yourself back in the driving seat. Let yourself make more money now.

    What's Next?

    Thank you for your response and your sharing about this series. Here are some of your answers to the question "How are you going to start playing the money game?"

    "I feel I need to get going with increasing my income
    so that I cease drawing on capital."

    "With retirement within the next 6-10 years, I will take a
    closer look at the retirement income."

    Next week's article will be the final one in this series: "Here's Your Money Game Toolkit" in which you'll find templates, tips, resources and more.

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    I'd love to know how you're doing with the five steps and am happy to answer your questions. Please leave a Comment below or write to me:

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