4 Ways to Transform Your Online Business From "Bland" to "World Class Brand"

12/01/2016 06:49 am ET Updated May 22, 2017
Photo by: Mishael Fabian

When I first started my brand strategy consulting firm seven years ago, I knew to get through the door and get that first high-end client which were luxury award-winning hotels and service-based businesses, I had to invest in a high-quality image and it paid off. It was my key to getting noticed, standing out and staying memorable. My clients understood the importance of having a signature, world-class image and wanted to align themselves with a brand that reflected the same image.

As a brand strategist and business coach, I’ve seen many talented visionaries, experts and professionals frustrated because they can’t seem to attract the right clients or charge their worth. If your brand message isn’t clear, it will come through in your brand image. Your website design may be misaligned and/or you’re using all the wrong symbols and subconscious queues, that are keeping your ideal clients away.

The mistake most business owners make is jumping to the design aspects of the brand before clarifying all of these essential details, that influence the execution of a great brand image. If you find yourself struggling to attract the right clients, not charging your worth, feeling embarrassed about your website (if it’s even up and running) or maybe you or a family member designed your logo, then it’s time to taking your brand to the next level.

It is uncomfortable and frustrating not having a brand that you can be proud of, one worthy of your greatness. It’s also costing you money. According to a study by Mckinsey and Company, “strong brands outperform weak brands by 20%”. For some of my clients, I have seen performance improve by even 90% for those who have never done any professional work in the area of crafting their brand image.

A high-quality signature brand image supported by a clear brand strategy and message, is the key to attracting the right clients and creating a unique positioning in the market. Ken Carbone says that “branding is the sensory presentation and reinforcement of everything a brand promises to deliver.” If your brand has an amateur “home-made” and inconsistent look, you are sending the message that your business does not care about quality.

So how do you take your brand from amateur to pro and create a world class brand that attracts the right clients and that you can be proud of? Here are four steps, which I coach women on, how to take the guesswork out of building a great brand strategy and image online.

Photo by Mishael Fabian

#1 Total Clarity on Your Ideal Client

You’ve heard this before, but I’ll say it again! Knowing who you are serving and what moves them emotionally is a critical part of creating a signature brand that attracts the right clients. I get so many calls from clients who say they need better copy on their website. While yes, you may need a copywriter, but very often the problem is that you haven’t figured out who you’re talking to and what these potential clients truly desire. You may be trying to appeal to everyone and this is causing your brand message and image to become both diluted and confusing.

New coaches and consultants are often terrified by the idea of finding and focusing on a niche. However, trying to serve everyone is like trying to throw darts blindfolded for the first time and hoping for a bullseye. Get clear on who your ideal client is and build a brand image that will attract these people.

#2 Distinct Brand Personality

The way you stand out from the competition and attract the group of people who resonate with your message is by clarifying and creating a unique brand personality. Your brand personality or what I like to call brand D.N.A includes all of the intangible elements of your brand that will help guide you through the process of creating a consistent and distinct brand image. I like to think of my role as a brand strategist as being a geneticist creating unique codes that will attract the right clients.

Having a differentiated brand personality, will help set your brand apart from your competition, because you will be addressing the needs of a specific type of customer. A study in the US, found that 59% of Millennials buy brands that reflect their style and personality. Millennials

are becoming an influential segment of the market and segment that you may not want to ignore. People buy from brands that share the same values and lifestyle that they live or aspire to.

#3 Well Thought Out Creative Brief

Before you invest any money in creating your brand image (logo, website, photography, etc.) important to write out a well-thought and well-defined creative brief for your brand based on brand D.N.A.

A creative brief is a document that will outline to designers the key elements of your brand in terms of ideal clients, personality and your preferences in terms of visuals.

This document can save you money because a well-defined creative brief will give a good designer a clear structure and insight into your vision for your brand.

Creating a world-class brand image requires structure, clarity and a unified direction. A poorly written creative brief can leave you frustrated, going in circles and wasting time and money on designs that are not up to scratch. I have seen people go from designer to designer not getting results because they could not articulate their vision for their brand properly. Quite frankly, you may have no clue what to ask your designer for, because that’s not your area of expertise, but you don’t have to be an expert to approach your branding like pro, if you have the right tools.

#4 World-Class Visuals

Today, clients are coming into contact with brands operating from all over the world. The standard and expectations on how a quality brand should look, is higher than before.

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