The Inspirational Woman Project: Riana Nelson

09/14/2016 05:54 pm ET Updated Sep 14, 2016

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Riana Nelson is a whimsical artist, modern calligrapher, pop vocalist, and inspirational speaker based in the Pacific Northwest. She has a passion for writing, marketing, orca whales, and sending snail mail to peeps near + far.

What’s your relationship with femininity? How do you access that part of yourself?

{Nelson} My relationship with my feminine side has been an amazing journey, as I have a fairly dominant personality that I believe comes from being the only sister, and the oldest child! I have two younger brothers and I love being the only female sibling, and all three of us work together as a professional touring sibling singing trio. It makes my feminine side come out a little more. I’ve also done a lot of work for my dad’s industrial wastewater treatment company which is an extremely male-dominated environment and industry. I’m also involved in art and calligraphy projects and commissions, which I believe are super whimsical and feminine. The two projects I’m involved in which have very strong male role models require a different part of my feminine strength in comparison to my calligraphy, which allows me to be open to all my feminine possibilities and feels a little bit more soft, flowing, and easy.

When I am on stage performing I feel very feminine. I’m comfortable but also hyper aware of being the only female in our sibling trio, so I feel powerful to step into that role. I also feel most feminine when I’m really connected to my body in yoga, running, or hiking. When I’m doing yoga or something meditative or calming where I can observe myself, but also feel grounded in own body, is when I feel very feminine. I access this part of myself from a physical and emotional standpoint. I also feel a similar confidence sexually, which has been really amazing to step into over the last few years. I never felt that groundedness or feminine confidence in my early twenties!

When do you feel most powerful?

{Nelson} I think for me, feeling powerful and feeling feminine confidence are linked for me, so I’d have to say: after a workout where I feel like I’m accessing that physical side of my feminine power is definitely a celebratory moment of power. I also feel powerful when I take time to acknowledge the ways I’ve succeeded: after a successful performance with my brothers, during a meet and greet opportunity where we are getting positive feedback for what we have been doing from engaged friends and fans, and quiet moments with myself journaling and reflecting and looking forward to the next steps. Interacting with people and feeling that our music has outreach, my art has impacted them in some way, or learning how we have helped someone makes me feel extremely powerful… not powerful over them, of course, but powerful and reaffirmed in the way that I know I’m on the right track to continue on this path.

Why are you inspirational?

{Nelson} I am inspirational to a lot of younger women especially because of my relationship with my brothers, and my unique personality in this career. I can be both the behind-the-scenes production manager and professional booking liaison, and the on-stage performer. I am seen as someone who is confident and creative and it’s heightened by the relationship that is portrayed and seen on stage. In addition to that, I’m taking on a lot of unique projects, such as art, marketing, calligraphy, singing. Pursuing of all these creative endeavors and continuing to push and challenge myself is, I think, what people find inspirational about me.

What is your go-to fashion item?

{Nelson} I barely leave the house without earrings. Always earrings! I actually have two piercings in each ear. Yoga pants are a staple, obviously. Black jeans. And in general, my favorite color to wear is black. Year round.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

{Nelson} Knowing that I have been given an incredible privilege to make art and music with my brothers and finally getting financially compensated for doing so. As well as: knowing I have a huge responsibility to myself to push myself further. I am very lucky that I don’t have a nine to five job, but my work also has it’s own challenges. I look forward to knowing that I don’t have a mundane life or a brick wall cubicle. There are new opportunities that pop up everyday and how I want to leverage and negotiate those makes me feel grateful.

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