15 Scariest Places in Oklahoma

#15 Briggs Hall-Enid, Oklahoma

The dorm mother of Briggs Hall continues to live on within the building, playing the piano, singing, and wondering around the complex as if she never left.

Built in 1906 as part of Phillips University as a women’s dorm, Briggs Hall has housed many students over the years.  In the 1980’s it was closed down due to being condemned the building set dormant for several years until being renovated into low income apartments.  Current residents of the building report that they have seen apparitions of a women walking around the complex.  There are also reports of sounds especially piano playing and signing.  It is rumored that the dorm mother often played the piano and sang to the girls in the dorm.

#14 Hex House-Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and spells await you at the Hex house of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Hex house was discovered in 1944 when a small casket was found by police in the back yard of a small house in Tulsa.  Inside the casket were two women (still alive) rumored to be under some kind of spell.  Court documents coming from the trial that ensued after the discovery against the owner of the home Carolan Smith contained testimony from the two women that details horrible conditions that they were kept in.  The women reported that Smith cast spells on them that left them hypnotized and mesmerized compelling them into doing everything she asked including giving her all of their money.  Smith kept the women in a small unheated basement where they often went without eating, without bathing, and wore rags for clothing.  They were not given beds and reported sleeping on the ground with no blankets.  Smith on the other hand lived in the lap of luxury.  The women reported that they believed Smith would deliver them to the “promised land” and believed that following her orders would lead them to a better life.

The original house was torn down and the current location houses an apartment building. However, reports from residents include sounds, apparitions, and feelings of being under a trance.  There is even a haunted attraction for adults in Tulsa that uses the legend of this house as inspiration for their attraction and is even called Hex House.

#13 Gavity or Haunted Hill-Near Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Have your car pushed UP hill by the spirits of the past.

Located near Bartilesville gravity or as some call it haunted hill is a small patch of road that goes up a slight hill.  It is rumored that this road rests near a tree that was used as a hanging tree for African American’s.  There are records of at least three men who were hung at the tree in the past.

Currently if you drive your vehicle to the bottom of the hill, park and leave it in neutral the car will slowly begin to roll uphill.  Many say this is just an optical illusion and that even though the hill appears to be going up it is actually slanted down.  However, residents believe that the spirits of the three men are to be given credit for rolling the cars.

#12 Cry Baby Bridge-Oklahoma

Follow the sounds of the crying baby and you just might see the apparition of the mother in white.

The location of cry baby bridge in Oklahoma sparks a lot of debate, there are reports of a bridge in McAlaster, Moore, Norman, and even Kellyville.  Not to mention the reports of a very similar story in several other states. In fact the story is so popular that it is consider an urban legend and was even used as inspiration for an episode of the popular TV show Supernatural.

The story is usually set in the 1920’s when horse and carriages were still popular means of transportation in Oklahoma.  Reportedly sometime in the early 1900’s a women was crossing a bridge with her child during a stormy night.  The high winds caused the baby to fall from the carriage when she crossed the bridge.  The mother while searching for the baby by following it’s cries fell off of the bridge to meet her own death.  There are reports from many motorists on these bridges that report seeing a women in white, hearing the sounds of a baby crying, and hearing the sounds of a women calling for her child or crying.  These activities seem to be more common on stormy nights.

#11 Poncan Theatre-Ponca City, Oklahoma

Book your seat in the balcony and you may be sharing it with the apparition of the women in white.

Built in the 1920’s the Poncan Theatre has been a beacon of art and history in the area for years.  Once a Vaudeville theatre the Poncan has seen many performers come and go.  Currently it has been restored after sitting unused for a period of time, it is now considered a historic site and is even open for viewing.

Visitors report hearing disembodied voices, footsteps, and the sound of Native American drums (believed to be once performed at the theatre).  Also several apparitions are known to frequent the building.  Many report seeing a women in white in the balcony.  There is also a stain on the ceiling that has been repainted several times but continues to reappear that resembles blood.

#10 Devil House-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

The Ghosts of a racist KKK group remain behind in a field in Broken Arrow.

In a field near Broken Arrow there once stood a cement building that is rumored to have been used by a local KKK group in the early 1900’s through the 60’s to host ceremonies and many report abuse of African Americans.  The building has since been bulldozed but many motorists report continued activity in the area.

There have been reports of seeing fires in the field that mysteriously disappear as quickly as they appear with no trace.  When the building was still standing visitors reported that the building was freezing cold even in the summer months.  Not only is the field haunted but motorists report on the road leading to the field an apparition of a vehicle driving erratically around the curve in the road.  Speeding down the road and then disappearing before your eyes.  Locals report that demolishing the building did not stop these spirits, that activity around the area is still very much as active as it ever was.

#9 The Purple Church-Spencer, Oklahoma

Animal sacrifices and signs of Satanic worship make The Purple Church a beacon for odd happenings.

Located in a rural wooded area near Spencer, Oklahoma the purple church is actually just a cement cellar that many believe was once attached to a church or maybe a small rural home.  This is why many refer to it as the purple church. The  cellar drew attention when several remains were found near the cellar leading many to believe that animal sacrifices were being conducted in and around the structure.  Inside the cellar are several Satanic images such as pentagrams painted on the walls and on a small table located inside the cellar.

Many report odd happenings in and around the cellar including disembodied voices, sounds, and objects moving on their own.  Many believe that years of use by Satanic worshipers for ceremonies have left behind some demonic spirits that are behind the strange sounds and poltergeist activity.

#8 The Cherokee Strip Museum-Alva, Oklahoma

Visit The Cherokee Strip Museum and you just might run into an apparition of one of the previous patients of the hospital or prisoners from the POW camp.

Located in Alva, Oklahoma The Cherokee Strip Museum was established as a museum in 1961 and houses artifacts from the WWII POW camp that was located in the area.  A small one room school house is also situated on the grounds of the museum as well as a variety of other artifacts.

The building prior to being used as a museum housed the towns hospital.  Many patients unfortunately met their end inside the building and many report they live on today.  In fact there are many reports of an apparition who aggressively reveals itself in the old surgery room.  Many believe the apparition is of a patient who did not make it through surgery.

Not only do past patients seem to make appearances there have been reports and even recordings of eerie EVP’s in the building.  One in particular can be seen on YouTube that is recorded near some Nazi artifacts and very clearly records the phrase “kill her”.  EVP’s and apparitions are a very common experience in the building and on the grounds around the old school house.   Still open to the public today as a POW camp museum.

#7 Vina Rae’s Grill & Graze-Avard, Oklahoma

Dine in Avard at Vina Rae’s and you may get more then a meal, you may have an extra guest or at least hear from one.

Located in the old high school gym Vina Rae’s Grill & Graze is rumored to be alive with the spirit of a women who was murdered here over 50 years ago.  Many patrons report hearing and seeing the spirit of the women while in the building.  Eerie EVP’s have been reported and even recorded inside the building.  The clarity of the EVP’s recorded makes your hair stand on end. Not only are there EVP’s but some have even seen an apparition of the women rumored to haunt the building.  Reports include noises, footsteps, voices, smells, and apparitions.

#6 Fort Reno-El Reno, Oklahoma

Visit Fort Reno today and you just might catch a glimpse of one of the POW camp residents who still live on there today.

Built in the late 1800’s as a military camp during the Indian War, Fort Reno is situated in El Reno, Oklahoma.  It later became a POW camp for German soldiers during WWII.  In operation for over a century Fort Reno has seen a fair amount of deaths during it’s operations.

Visitors of Fort Reno report strange sounds. apparitions, footsteps, sounds, and temperature changes.  One famous apparition is of a spirit believed to be a man named Ben Clark who is often seen in the window of the chapel on the grounds, he has even been photographed.

There is currently a ghost tour that escorts visitors around the grounds.  They report that they have developed good relationships with the spirits of Fort Reno and can count on them to make appearances during their tours.

#5 Camp Red Rock-Binger, Oklahoma

When you camp at Camp Red Rock you may have some extra tent guests you were not expecting.

Camp Red Rock was established in 1946 and served as one of the main camp grounds for the Oklahoma Girl Scouts council all way through 2010 when it was shut down due to budget cuts.  You would think that a camp that was full of fun-loving Girl Scouts couldn’t possibly be haunted but you would be wrong.

In the summer 0f 1977 three young girl scouts between the ages of 8-10 were taken from a tent in the middle of the night.  They were later found on a trail by counselors raped and murdered.  The murders still go unsolved to this day.  There was a man charged and found guilty but he was latter acquitted of the charges leaving it an unsolved case.

Campers at Red Rock have reported strange sounds, cries, and apparitions of the three girls being seen near the showers where they were found on the trail.

#4 Dominion House-Guthrie, Oklahoma

Make sure to be on your best behavior when visiting Dominion House or you may summon the spirit of the abusive staff from the past.

Located in Guthrie, Oklahoma Dominion house was built in the 1920’s as an orphanage for children to offer refuge to orphans of the time.  Many considered Dominion house to be a safe haven and from the outside looked like a great refuge featuring schooling, meals, and even a pool for the residents.  However after it’s closing in 1978 many reports started to emerge of the poor treatment of the children by staff members, one caregiver in particular was especially mean and abusive to the children.  In fact there are reports that she beat a six year old girl to her death.  The staff member out of fear of consequences took her own life by jumping from the bell tower.

Many have reported hearing and seeing strange things in and around Dominion house.  When it was renovated in 2000 construction workers reported many strange events including strange sounds, apparitions of children and caregivers, and a shadowy figure in the bell tower. Many have also reported sounds of children crying and screaming coming from the building.

#3 Brady Theatre-Tulsa, Oklahoma

Catch a show at the Brady Theatre and you might see more then you expect, spirits from the race riots in Tulsa just may make an appearance.

The Brady Theatre, located in Tulsa was built in 1914.  The Brady has served the community for a century as a convention center and a beacon for the arts.  In fact it is still in operation today as a convention hall and hosts many events every year.

The Brady was not only  used as a convention center though.  During the 1921 race riots in Tulsa the Brady was used to house African Americans to provide them with safety.  However, many say that safety was not the main priority that in fact many African Americans may have lost their lives while in the Brady Theatre.  There are photos that have emerged of citizens being marched to the Brady by gunpoint with their hands in the air as if they were prisoners not victims.  Dr. Jackson was murdered during the march to the Brady Theatre and there was another young man who died by the front doors.  Nothing is known about what occurred inside the Brady Theatre once the doors were closed.  When the riots were all done there were 300 people unaccounted for and many believe that several lost their lives inside the Brady Theatre.

Not only is the Brady said to be haunted by the victims of the race riots there is also rumors of the spirit of a past performer from the Brady that continues to stick around.  An actor named Enrico Caniso who performed at the Brady in the 1920’s caught a cold while performing there that led to his death.  Many have reported seeing his apparition in the Brady Theatre.

Visitors of the Brady Theatre report strange sounds, voices, screams from what sounds like a group of people (many believe residual sounds from the race riots), and apparitions.

#2 Western State Hospital-Fort Supply, Oklahoma

A stay in the mental hospital at Western State may leave you in a worse mental state then when you went in with all the spirits of past patients and staff wondering the halls.

Built in 1868 the building was used by the government as a supply camp.  In 1895 it was turned over to the department of the interior and turned into the very first mental hospital in the state of Oklahoma.  It still operates as a mental hospital and also housed William S. Keys correctional facility until 2009.

Thousands of deaths have been reported in the hospital during it’s more then a century of use.  Treatments in the early 1900’s in mental hospitals were often unethical and have since been found to be inhumane and cruel in many cases.  These treatments were used at Western state and included shock therapy, lobotomies, blood letting, and hydro therapy that included sitting in very hot water for hours on end.  Obviously these questionable and brutal treatments led to the death of several patients.

Current residents and employees report very active spirits in the building.  Reports of strange sounds, voices, screams, cries, and apparitions of patients and staff are common.  One prisoner at the correctional center reported to the staff there seeing a nurse walk by his cell on an almost daily basis during his stay.

#1 The Skirvon Hotel-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Book a stay at the Skirvon Hotel and you may have an extra guest stop by, just don’t expect to get much sleep.

The Skirvon hotel originally opened in 1911 and contained 224 rooms.  It closed in 1988 and stayed vacant until 2007.  In 2007 the city decided to renovate the hotel and expanded it to 525 rooms.  It is currently in operation now but many patrons report some strange activities during their visits to the hotel.

Reportedly the original founder W.B. Skirvon had an affair with one of the maids of the hotel that led to the women becoming pregnant.  Skirvon, a married man, was worried about the consequences of this affair and child so he locked the women in a room on the 10th floor.  The women went on to give birth in the room.  After being locked up for an unknown amount of time the women became so desperate to escape that she jumped while holding the baby from the window leading to both of their deaths.  Many believe that even though she escaped the room her spirit never left.

Guests have reported apparitions of a nude women walking the halls of the Skirvon.  Male guests report being propositioned by a women’s voice while in their rooms.  There was even one man who claimed that he was sexually assaulted by an invisible women during his stay. Many report seeing objects move, footsteps, and doors slamming.

The women also seems to have an affinity for pro basketball players.  The New York Knicks while staying in the hotel for their upcoming game with the Thunder blamed their loss on being kept up all night by noises and slamming doors in the hotel.  The Chicago Bulls also reported slamming doors and strange sounds during their stay.  Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers reported being kept up all night being bitten by bed bugs and even had to leave the game early due to exhaustion and lack of sleep.  No bed bugs were found in the room when it was investigated.

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