1 Blogger Outreach Tip to Handle Negative Interactions

09/22/2016 06:10 am ET
Me enjoying a gorgeous sunset from the back porch/dock in Koh Lanta, Thailand. 2014.
Me enjoying a gorgeous sunset from the back porch/dock in Koh Lanta, Thailand. 2014.

On a recent article - right here on the Huffington Post - I read a negative comment in response to one of my posts.

The individual attempted to goad me into responding to his silly little comment.

So I did what any experienced blogger would do.

I ignored the comment.

And I blocked him.

Blocking folks is the easiest way to release lower energies/people to make room for higher energies/people.

So many bloggers fear blocking people, not wanting to hurt individuals, or to influence folk’s standing on sites like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • G Plus

I see the opposite effect.

Blocking is the most compassionate, direct, empathetic way to get people’s attention.

This is the quickest way to show the problem someone has with you is really all about them.

Neat, right?

I have subscribed to this approach for years but get a little lazy at times.

Last week a superstar Twitter buddy of mine reminded me to stick to my blocking guns.

Scott Eddy, one of the top travel influencers on Twitter, reminded me to block and move on.

Call it not feeding the trolls.

Call it letting go bad matches.

Call it smart blogger outreach.

I met Scott for drinks a few weeks back in Istanbul, Turkey.

We had an absolute blast.

A few days ago some less than positive tweeters sent a few negative tweets Scott’s way, tagging me in the process.

I tried to defend him (via a quick tweet) but Scott reminded me it’s best:

  • block the offender
  • move on

So I did it. As I almost always do.

When you spend 1-2 seconds blocking low energy barbs and moving on you can devote your blogger outreach energies to connecting with positive, loving, supportive guys like Scott.

This is the way to succeed online.

Give your attention to the big dawgs.

The positive folks.

People who pull you up versus trying to drag you down into the cyber muck.

Hang with awesome, positive, loving guys like Sam Hurley.

Scroll through Scott’s and Sam’s streams to understand who you should be connecting with 99.9999% of the time.

Unhappy, angry, unclear people have enough stuff to deal with.

Let them figure it out on their own.

Block them.

Then, they can sit in the social media penalty box for a bit. Freeing you to engage exclusively with successful folks from your niche.

Your job is to form friendships with as many high energy, successful bloggers and social media rock stars as you can.

Maybe the negative nellies can see the light as you and your friend network shine as brightly as the sun in Fiji (one of my fave places on earth).

I snapped this photo from the front porch in Savusavu, Fiji, in 2014.
I snapped this photo from the front porch in Savusavu, Fiji, in 2014.

What about discussions with opposing points of view?

If someone can respectfully, calmly and logically share their point in a tactful manner, feel free to debate.

But if someone clearly shows you no respect, acts in a nasty manner and simply wants to pick a fight, block them.

Just remember; it’s SO much easier to be FOR than against.

Power attracts. Force negates.

Energy thing.

Your Turn

Do you block negative nellies immediately and move on?

Or do you have a tough time letting these folks go?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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