Fears are just Fears!

09/29/2016 06:29 am ET Updated Sep 29, 2016
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I wrote a post on my facebook page yesterday and shared in a few groups. It got a lot of engagement, particularly this one comment - “Fears are just fears”.

It was simply a snippet of my before and after story that I’m sharing here too.

I was single and financially responsible for EVERYTHING (including a big mortgage), but I knew I couldn't go back to work after I had been signed off for 6 weeks with extreme fatigue. I felt pretty lost, miserable, alone and pretty sorry for myself!

I had been working too hard for too long, and had just paid the ultimate price - my health. Nothing made sense in my life or career anymore, and I started to question what I chasing exactly, what was it all about?

I thought I couldn't leave my salary behind, my pension, or the 'security' of a regular job - how on earth would I manage financially.

I had an inner knowing I was meant to work for myself - had it for years (even started two business whilst still on the paycheque, I was so desperate to work for myself!).

3 years on, I'm still in business. Within two weeks of leaving my job, I hit the ground running and had secured clients, and my fears were just fears!

Now my business allows me to work from anywhere, and I achieve goals from a place that feels good. I created freedom, flexibility and success - on my own terms & conditions.

I coach clients who want to live a life they love, not exist in one. A part of that involves The Desire Map, a soulful self development guide where you create goals from a place that feels good. “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have” - Danielle LaPorte.

It’s life changing work. I know because I’ve done it, and my life has changed ten fold as a result. Yes...I do walk my talk!

There are plenty of nuggets of wisdom I can share, this would be a very long post if I shared them all, but these are the ones that were relevant to me then, and now. I have fears, I’m human just like you, but I find my inner strength and push myself to move through them - this is what I’ve learnt;

#1 ALWAYS ALWAYS trust your intuition. In your career and life.

#2 Shut or reduce the noise of the naysayers, the negative/toxic people surrounding you trying to crush your dreams.

#3 Work on yourself, as much as your career. Take time out with yourself - daily. Question things, don't settle, be a non-conformist, a rebel, the one who does what everyone else dreams about...

#4 Believe in yourself - you CAN do it. Mountains can be climbed and fears pushed through.

#5 Take action every week to find your future and love your life. Define what feels good, and what success means to you. It's different to all of us.

AND REMEMBER number 1!

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