This Christmas, Send Money to Organizations that will Stand Up to Trump!

11/17/2016 05:53 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2016

So like everyone else, I get a horrible gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I think about it. Donald Trump. Four years. The f----- White House.

The other day it happened when I turned on NPR and heard my beloved President Obama giving a news briefing. The thought of him and Michelle not being in DC anymore makes my heart ache. Part of that is because Rich and I were in the millions that thronged to the Washington Monument on January 20, 2009 to see the first black man take the oath of office.

But now what? what can we do?

So here is an idea, from my very own daughter, Jocelyn, and her wonderful husband, Evan.

I have decided to take this idea as far and as wide as I can. I hope you will too!

“Hi All,

Evan and I are thinking about what we can do to help cope with the election results and to try to protect our country and the world especially for our son. After a sad and compelling Last Week Tonight episode we feel like we have some ideas about practical things we can do. I encourage you to watch it if you're interested.

In the meantime for the next 4 years we plan to give everyone gifts of donations to major organizations that fight for our rights and protect those that need protection: planned parenthood, ACLU, the Trevor project, and others. We also plan to subscribe to high quality new outlets (new York times to start) so they can afford to do the journalism we need to know about what is going on in government.

Please consider similar donations in lieu of gifts to any of us. Hoping this small effort on our part makes some difference.”

Thanks Jossy and Ev for this wonderful idea!

Love you, Mom xoxo

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