Cut Holiday Costs and Connect with Video

12/13/2016 10:56 am ET

Every year, more and more people fall into debt as a result of holiday spending. From cross-country vacations to overextending on gifts, many consumers find themselves in a hole come January—and they spend a good portion of the new year trying to escape.

But you don’t have to clean out your bank account in order to have a memorable Christmas. Eight nights of Hanukkah don’t have to result in eight different ways to go broke. Here are a few ways you can use video communications to save big this holiday season.

Ditch the Travel Expenses

When temperatures drop and decorations come out, we all want to visit with family—especially those we don’t see all year. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances or finances prevent us from getting the chance. You could play pass-the-phone with Aunt Jennifer at dinner, but there’s an even better way to include everyone in the moment.

Use video to quickly and easily connect with family and friends—no matter where they are. No more expensive travel costs like airfare, gasoline or hotel stays; instead, hold a face-to-face video chat or host a family reunion in real-time using web conferencing.

Save on Stamps & Earn Brownie Points

Letters and cards are great, but sending a video to your family members adds a special touch that only in-person interactions can top. Instead of spending a small fortune on a musical greeting card, get the kids to sing carols to Great-Grandma or persuade your spouse to wear that embarrassing Santa hat Uncle Carl sent last year. Using video email is a simple and cost-effective way to share priceless moments with the people you love.

Want to take it one step further? Attach an e-gift card redemption code to your email and give them immediate access to you and their present.

Say Goodbye to Pricey Photographs

As lovely as a color-coordinated family portrait can be, one photo session for a set of Christmas cards can cost you a pretty penny. Why dish out the cash for the ensembles, photographer, overpriced images, cards, stamps, and envelopes (did I forget anything?), when there’s a better way?

E-newsletters make it easy to personalize your holiday greetings and bring the people who mean the most up to speed on what’s happening in your life. Include wish lists for the kids, quirky stories from the year, and exciting news and updates on the whole family. Drive it home by including a personalized video with a special message for your biggest fans.

Whether it’s 10 minutes catching up with your parents on a video chat or three minutes uploading a heartfelt message to the grandparents, using video is the next best thing to actually spending the holidays with them. And with such incredible technology available at your fingertips, there’s no better way to bring your messages to life—and save money—than through a unique and personal video.

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