‘USA Weed OK’ Is a Hilarious New Web Series About the Marijuana Industry

04/18/2017 01:15 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2017

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a new animated web series called USA Weed OK that is being put out via High Times. It’s humorous and fun to watch. The art is really good too. Here’s the premise:

“80-year-old Frank spends the last of his inheritance purchasing a medicinal marijuana clinic in Long Beach, CA. Partnering with a Master Grower named Dexter, Frank struggles to run a ‘legal’ weed biz as he juggles rowdy unmanageable employees, his sexually evolving teenage granddaughter Mona, and an epically tough industry where laws regarding cannabis change by the minute. USA WEED OK is an animated series that goes behind the scenes to document the lives of characters insane enough to run a medicinal marijuana clinic.”

As you can see, it’s a pretty unique concept, and the third and final installment of it will be released on 4/19. Just one day before the big day.

“This project started back in 2012,” show creator J.G. Hoover told The 420 Times. “I was filming a documentary exploring the prohibition of marijuana versus alcohol, and I was interviewing subjects, and after all of these interviews, I started to realize that people were uncomfortable sharing their stories.”

Hoover said people feared that if regulations changed in the future, they might be facing some trouble. One night he started to animate some stories, and he used animation to “poke fun at the war on cannabis.” He said he wanted to show the “corruption surrounding the industry in a lighthearted way.”

Obviously the laws around cannabis have been changing rapidly, and Hoover said he wanted to focus more on the characters and their stories than laws that change every few months at the beginning of the project. “My ultimate goal is to find a network partner to make the full 12-episode season in a much bigger way,” he said. If that happens, then he can focus more on the latest news.

Hoover said that the cannabis industry and the culture around it are so large and complex that there is plenty of material to work with. He has many ideas for how the show can expand.

“I would like to help with the stigma of cannabis,” Hoover said. He thinks there’s still a lot of misinformation surrounding marijuana, and he hopes the show can also help educate people. “I would like to use these characters in a fun, informative way,” he said.

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