Expert Advice To Youngsters From Successful Expats

04/28/2017 06:28 am ET Updated May 03, 2017

In today’s world, when you are about to travel to a new place, it is important to take advice from the expats. Yes, traveling will give you a liberating experience. So, here we have created a list of the most famous globetrotters. This bunch of happy expats never say no. They take pride in extending their hands in order to guide you on your journey.

1) Craz and Craig - y Travel Blog, a happy traveler couple has all the answers to your questions when it comes to travel. This website is all about traveling, starting from the inception of a plan until you are safely back from a holiday.

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Here is what they say:

Have reserve money. It's highly likely something will go wrong: you might not get your first paycheck for at least a month; you may need a security bond for an apartment, or have to furnish a new place.
Be prepared for culture shock. Change brings chaos, which is only elevated in a strange environment. Culture shock can hit you when you least expect it and have you running for the nearest flight back home. Ensure you are traveling with eyes of wonder and gratitude for the differences.
Prepare your paperwork. Ensure you arrive with references and statements of services, especially if you do not have a job yet. And make sure you collect these with each new job you take on in any country. Also, have your degree certificates, resumes, police checks and birth and marriage certificates. You will often need them when setting up things like a driver’s license in your new country. It can be a massive and lengthy headache if you don't have easy access to them.

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2) Kiersten - The Blonde Abroad, a beautiful world female traveler, she has a lot to share from her travel bucket. A lot can be experienced from this site such as traveling destinations, engaging in sports activities and much more.

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Here is what she says:

If you've moved abroad for financial reasons, make sure to understand the tax liability and ways to save money in a new country.
Get outside of the expat community. It's really easy to find comfort in other expats from your country and there's no problem with that, but, the richest experience is going to be living like a local and delving more into a new culture.

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3) Mark Wiens - Migrationology, an enthusiast traveler is successfully running a website that is all about worldwide exploration of authentic food. Visit the site and know more about eating like a local.

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Here is what he says:

I think one of the most important aspects of being an expat and living in a country that's not your own is being flexible. Things are fantastic and happy when all is going according to your plan — but that won't always be the case, and if you're flexible and open-minded from the start, you'll be much better prepared to face challenges and situations that don't turn out the way you had imagined.

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4) Chris and Angela - Tieland to Thailand, a young bold couple encourage aspiring travelers to visit Thailand for a deserving holiday. The site is loaded with detailed information from how to teach in Thailand to how to live there.

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Here is what they say:

Get yourself a local identification card, which can be in the form of a permanent residence card or a local driver’s license. You’ll no longer have to carry around your passport and it will be easier to sign up for a local bank account. Plus, you may also receive special discounts.
Find a place to live that is close to the city or town square. This will give you various opportunities to be around locals and other expats.Choose an area that is easy to get around on foot, by bicycle, or via public transportation so that you don't feel obligated to invest in a car or motorbike right away.

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