Goal Setting Strategies

08/29/2017 06:18 pm ET

Whether you are in a common law relationship, marriage, or climbing your career ladder goals are the center of every level in life. You decide in one moment if a decision is right, wrong or even going to happen.

If you’ve made commitments in life such as getting married, you know that the intial thought of it was a goal. Often times it can be somehting you’ve stumbled upon such as choosing to go out one day not even in the mood and there you spot the best person on the planet. It’s not long before you chat, go on dates and eventually decide this person is the one. Fast forward 5 years and you’ve likely transformed into a totally different family. It’s all from a series of goals.

In case you need a reminder of how to set a goal or never have before, here are some helpful strategies;

1. Determine where you need focus and start behaving your way into the future. What does that mean? That means if you wish to become the best real estate guru in your area you must decide what’s important to focus on and what to leave behind. Is money, fame or starting your own company the ultimate prize? What would you need to determine from right now to the end of this week to start your journey towards the next level?

2. Understand why you want this goal and how it will benefit your life. If you’re married take into consideration your family life becuase it will take it’s toll on everyone if you don’t plan properly.

3. Begin to focus all dreams by brainstorming every thought that excites you. Spend 15 solid minutes or more brainstorming. Next categorize each thought from 1 to 10 starting with number one being the most exciting and 10 being the least.

4. Next rearrange your top 10 list from most important as one and number ten least. Those are the tasks you must focus on for the next week. As you make your way through the list write how much time you will need to get each task done.

To figure this out here is an example; My top 2 immediate goals within the next 3 hourse are to (a) write an article and (b) publish it. If this was my first time I would write 3 extra points that will lead me to finish each task. It would look like this; (a) 1. choose topic to write about 2. research 3. start writing in one hour, edit along the way (b) choose a platform to publish my article, either medium.com or huff post.

4. Give it a try. Get ideas, get excited, write it down, prioritize, make extra points and set a time line to get it done.

5. Emotions will create that vibe to keep you motivated for the next level but also consider getting a friend, life coach or family memeber to keep you on track. Accountability is everything.

Bonus. Whatever the timeline, do the big things first. Decide what is important vs urgent. Does something need to be done asap? Stop reading this and go to it. Important tasks are to be done within 48 hours. Then focus on rewarding yourself, book a massage or pedicure to enjoy your life. My 9 year old son and I get pedicures, we laugh and feel great afterwards. Good Luck!

Start right now, in one year you will be glad you did. I’m Shanon Dawn an international Life Coach and Relationship Advisor. You can find more articles at www.shanondawn.com and don’t forget to Live Your Wildest Dreams.

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