Bachelorette Parties Going too Far?

10/04/2017 02:38 pm ET
Pur | The Company

Just spend a few minutes on Google and you’ll get a glimpse into what it’s like trying to plan a bachelorette party these days. In fact, what was once just a final fling for the gents... is now being over-ran by women who are all about making a statement.

Those statements are not always... well, good.

Bachelorette parties are now being banned on some Nashville tour buses (too rowdy)... brides and grooms are calling weddings off as a result of what went “down” at these parties and there is no shortage of “penis paraphernalia” popping up all over the inter-webs.

What is happening? It wasn’t always like this? Was it?

Likely one of the reasons we are seeing so much “questionable” behavior is due to social media. I mean, film just didn’t have the reach instagram does... so it’s no wonder we see more of these escapades then we did from days gone by. Another reason might be the damn pressure? I mean... every bride wants to say she had the most epic party and it seems that only way to do that is by launching herself onto a giant blow up penis while sucking on a penis pop in a intoxicated state whilst modeling her newest bra. Finally... it could be a lack of options, imagination or flat out exhaustion. Lets face it... wedding planning is just about all a wedding party can handle... let alone handling bachelorette party festivities. It seems that hoping on some kind of 15 person peddle contraption... and stopping only to down shots... is becoming the easiest option because it’s well... simple.

I get it... one my company’s hosts bachelor & bachelorette parties... and we know the planning that has to take place in order to pull off (what was once only a night) a memorable weekend.

If you are seeking an option... sure you can come to me.... and it wont require you to do Hail Mary’s and ask your groom to “be understanding.” But here is what I suggest if you plan this on your own... to ensure your are planning something radical rather than raunchy.


1. Expect more. When you feel like you’re being sucked into the “pressure” of having a stripper and asking a bakery to build you a “tower de penis”... ask yourself, can we pull back the reigns a little a still have a sexy sassy bash without objectifying the whole party?

2. Let Love Call the Shots. Let’s not lose sight that the whole reason this party is happening in the first place... is due to love. Two people... falling in love and sharing that for the rest of their lives. Would love like to be found drunk in the bushes the morning after?... I think not.

3. Customize. Let’s not force a drunken bar hop event... if it just doesn’t align with your lady gang. If it does... be clever and smart about that plan... call in advance... get some VIP treatment... but if this isn’t your group... you can have a smashing time... like asking a makeup artist come get you all ready for a sophisticated night on the town.

4. Call in Some Creativity. If you just can’t bring yourself to plan this bitch... call for back up. Plenty of party planners can help you with this and give you something to really share about on your social feeds. Sure, it will cost your a few extra bucks... but we both know that “party gear” you’re looking at is about to break your bank anyway.

5. Define Risque’. If you know what the bride feels is sexy and sassy... you will have a better idea on how to plan without taking things too far of the rails. Sure, bachelorette parties are meant to end in some questionable moments... but that doesn’t mean she has to drop her morals to have something memorable. Gift her a boudoir photoshoot, ask a chef to come in a teach you all how to make foods that sizzle, bring in a mixologist to craft signature party cocktails... contact a boutique and ask them if you can do a private style sesh... Your bride might look a hell of a lot sexier in a rented ball gown then she does in her bra on that bull.

Love to my brides... You can make it hot without the hangovers!

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