The 7-Year Itch: The Astrology Event that Upsets Your Love Relationships, Career & Life!

10/16/2017 12:06 pm ET

OMG…I’m finally free of my parents and on my own!

When will I find an exciting love relationship?

My career no longer satisfies me!

What is my life purpose?

“The Seven-Year Itch” isn’t just an old movie—it’s a time when big changes occur in your personality, love-life, and even career.

From an astrological perspective, it is a planetary event that brings us personal crises every seven years—that change us in some major way—mentally, emotionally, sexually, or even physically.

This revolutionary transformation occurs at a specific age in everyone’s lives as the planet Uranus cycles through our horoscope every seven years.

In astrology, Uranus rules “radical change, discovery, individuality, and revolution.” When a major Uranian event occurs in our lives, it brings us a predictable crisis that gives us the opportunity to change, grow, and reach our full creative potential.

Your Horoscope: Three Planetary Events That Will Change Your Life

By knowing about the personal crises we are likely to experience every seven years, we are better prepared to understand the exciting—and sometimes upsetting—changes we are going through. I wrote about many of these life changes in my astrology book, What the Hell is Going On in My Life? but the Uranus cycles are especially unique.

Here are three of the most important times when a Uranus event affects our lives. As you read about each one that will occur in your life, look at the age it occurs.

Event #1—Age 21 and 63 (give or take a year or two):

The first cycle comes at a time when we are no longer adolescents and we assume the mantle of adulthood. Uranus is the planet of rebellion against established standards, be it against our parents or society. It’s why, at this age, we may have rejected everything we were taught and decided we knew more than our parents or teachers.

This is an exciting phase of our lives because we are out in the world pursuing our own goals without the safety net and security of our parents’ (or other adults’) guidance. We now must accept responsibility for the decisions we make.

When this Uranus event occurs a second time in our 60s, often the crisis we experience is an awareness that we are getting older. We reflect on who we are, what we are doing with our lives, and the satisfaction and benefit it has brought us (and others). If we have paid attention to our needs over the years, this time may not be as distressing because our lives are rich and fulfilling.

On the other hand, if we have ignored our inner desires or the service of others, and feel the need to make important changes in our lives, relationships, and work, as we approach old age and retirement, we may find ourselves in a crisis. We may look in the mirror and have a disturbing epiphany about how much time we have left and what we’ve done with all the time we’ve had so far.

Event #2—Age 28 and 56 (give or take a year or two):

During the first experience of this Uranus event, at approximately 28, we realize we have entered adulthood and are taking responsibility for what we’re creating in our lives. We start to realize we’re not kids anymore and much of our childhood and adolescent behavior no longer seems appropriate as an adult.

We decide to make significant changes in our lives to live more authentically. We start to get serious about our goals. We may decide we are finally ready to stop serial dating and focus on finding a serious love relationship we can really commit. We may decide to change jobs, if the one we are in is not satisfying.

The second time this Uranus event occurs, at approximately 56 years old, is an important time. We may reflect on where our lives are at, what we have accomplished, and whether we have met certain goals that are important to us. It is a good time to look inside and ask if we are satisfied with the lives we’ve created for ourselves.

If our evaluation of our lives, relationships, and careers is disappointing, we will be motivated to make changes. If our jobs have gotten routine, we may seek ones which are more rewarding, perhaps in a new direction. Or, we may even consider early retirement to pursue hobbies we really love and enjoy. This can also be a time of finding ways to make our personal relationships more exciting.

Event #3—Age 42 & 84 (give or take a year or two):

This astrological event, especially as it occurs in our early 40s, marks a major transition and evolution for us as human beings. It is the time when we may experience a midlife crisis.

During this period, we may find ourselves looking at our lives and evaluating who we are, where we are at, and what we have accomplished. For some, the realizations we come to are sobering—maybe displeasing, or even upsetting.

This is when we look in the mirror and say, “I’m getting old. Am I really happy and fulfilled?”

When we experience this Uranus event, we may feel an urgency to make changes that will liberate us from whatever has restricted us. We may be compelled to look for ways to change our circumstances to make our lives more exciting and satisfying.

Unfortunately, this can lead us to act impulsively and make hasty decisions such as quitting a secure job or leaving a long-term marriage or making a radical lifestyle change that seems like a great idea at the time—but perhaps isn’t.

This Uranus event often gives us a feeling that this is our “last chance” to achieve goals we think are important. In a positive way, it can lead us to take a new direction in life that gives us more purpose as we grow older.

Change is What Makes Us Grow and Evolve

These three major Uranus events allow us to enter the adult world, learn, grow, and make an impact in it. Then, as we age, we become more introspective: we can evaluate our lives and the contributions we have made, and use the time we have left to make change if we don’t feel we have made the impact we hoped to.

These events can act as great catalysts, so make the most of them. ~

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